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FEZ Hydra Mainboard

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FEZ Hydra is a 100% open-source (hardware and software)
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FEZ Hydra is a 100% open-source (hardware and software) .NET Gadgeteer compatible mainboard running .NET Micro Framework. It incorporates a 240Mhz AT91SAMRL ARM9 processor. With 16MB of SDRAM an 4MB of FLASH, FEZ Hydra is capable or running the most complex applications.


  • • 14 .NET Gadgeteer compatible sockets that include these types: X, Y, A, D, F, I, K, P, S, T, U, R, G, B and Z.
  • • 240Mhz ARM9 Processor (currently running at 200Mhz)
  • • Rich .NETMF open-source Software & Hardware
    • • Complete Graphics support 
    • • TFT display interface (R/G/B sockets) with Touch screen
    • • FAT16/FAT32
    • • Full TCP/IP stack with SSL, HTTP, TCP, UDP, DHCP
    • • USB Device
    • • 4-bit SD card with no limit on SD card size
    • • Analog
    • • PWM
    • • I2C
    • • SPI
    • • UART
  • • Dimensions: 3.42" x 2.44"


  • • Requires .NET Gadgeteer standard red power modules.
  • • Active power consumption 130 mA
  • • Idle power consumption TBD


  • • Operating temperature: 0 to 70°C
  • • RoHS compliant /Lead-free compliant
For more information about .NET Gadgeteer visit:

If you encounter any problems when using this product, here is the forum from which you can get the technical support.

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Purchased this for my 23 year old daughter in the butterscotch color. Great versatile color. She loves the size -- perfect for day or going out at night. Chain can be double to shorten for nighttime and left long to wear as a crossbody during the day.
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