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      The HydraBus is an open source multi-tool hardware for anyone interested in learning/developing/debugging/hacking basic or advanced embedded hardware.
      HydraBus can execute python 3 scripts as a port of micropython is done (02 June 2014, published on github).
      HydraBus can execute Black Magic Debug firmware to be used as JTAG/SWD debugger (Jan 2015, published on github).
      Finally HydraBus can be used with its native firmware hydrafw described below.


      Features of the HydraBus board:

      • Very small board only 60mm x 37mm size (extensible with shield which can be connected on top or bottom)
      • Programming firmware through USB DFU (without any debugger) with USB1 FS
      • Debug/Programming through low cost SWD Debug connector (can be programmed/debugged using an ultra low cost NUCLEO F401RE for less than 15US$)
      • Two MicroUSB port (1 OTG and 1 Device/Host) with ESD protection
      • MicroSD slot with 4bit SD and SDIO mode support in hardware (up to 48MHz about 24MB/s)
      • Reset & User Button (Enter USB DFU at PowerOn) with User Led (can be disabled to reuse I/O for other stuff)
      • Breakout of all 44 I/O (some are used by MicroSD and USB 1&2)
      • MCU ARM 32-bit Cortex M4+FPU up to 168MHz& 1MB Embedded Flash
        • Power consumption of less than 100mA/3.3V with all peripherals enabled
        • Ultra low power mode (down to less than 2mA for specific treatment)
      • Hardware doc, schematic/board, pinout, template are available on github:
      • For more details on HydraBus Hardware see
      • Hardware license CC BY NC (for commercial license contact
      • Support optional HydraBus-Sick-Of-Beige-Case a cheap transparent acrylic case
      • Support optional HydraNFC Shield a high performance NFC board with Antenna based on TI TRF7970A NFC chipset (and fully supported by hydrafw)
      • Other accessories / shield for HydraBus are available at


      Features of HydraBus/HydraNFC open source embedded native firmware (hydrafw):



      Official HydraBus website:
      For more info on firmware see github:
      For latest official release of hydrafw (pre-built version) see github:
      For more info on hardware for HydraBus see github:

      If you encounter any problems when using this product, contact the technical support.


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      Questions and Answers


      Is the scope feature already working ? I would like to use it to verify the RC (PWM) signal.

      on Oct 19,2016
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      <p>You can test the latest firmware v0.4 Beta it support ADC reading in V (up to 3.3V) even if it's not a real scope it's a first step.<br>link: <a href="" rel="nofollow">
      on Oct 20,2016 10:49 AM
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        SKU 109990041
        This item is no longer available.
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