Mini Soldering Iron Deluxe Kit (Europe Standard)

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What is Mini Soldering Iron?

Mini Soldering Iron is a small, lightweight and rapid-heating (cold to 300℃ in 10 second) soldering iron with an OLED screen, which is perfect for kit building and other soldering applications.

This Mini Soldering Iron is programmable and the temperature can be controlled accurately from 100℃ to 400℃. Benefiting from the dual temperature and accelerator sensors, the soldering iron is equipped with the following two features to ensure users’ safety: sleeping mode and over-heating notification.

The iron tip is replaceable and we include 2 types of iron tips in this package.


Mini Soldering Iron

Mini Soldering Iron

Mini Soldering Iron

Programmable system with free firmware upgrade, you could either programme the temperate range or create you very own boot logo.
(The gesture temperature adjust mode will be coming soon)
Easy temperature control from 100℃ to 400℃.
Press Button A and B to heat up or cool the temperature down
We provide two types of iron tips “BC2” and “B2” to let you have more choices building your projects

Mini Soldering Iron

Mini Soldering Iron

Mini Soldering Iron

Dual temperature and accelerator sensors enable your to have a better safety and smart control Small and lightweight enough allows users to easily bring it with them One package includes all the add-ons needed to use the Mini Soldering Iron for developing your projects


Screen OLED
USB Port Micro USB
Power Port DC5525
Operating Part Dimensions Length: 96mm, Diameter: 16.5mm
Heating Part Dimensions Length: 33mm, Diameter: 5.5mm
Weight 33g (power adaptor not included)
Power 65W
Adjustable Temperature Range 100℃ - 400℃
Temperature Stability ±2%
Voltage Input 100V-240V

Part list

Mini Soldering Iron Deluxe Kit (US Standard)

Mini Soldering Iron Operating Part x 1

PCB soldering kit

Soldering Iron Tip Type-BC2 x 1

Earth Clamps x 1

Soldering Tron Tip Type-B2 x 1

User Manual x1

Soldering Iron Stand x 1

Small Carrying Bag x1

DC5525 Power Adapter x 1


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Technical Details

Dimensions200mm x 130mm x 70mm
WeightG.W 507g    

Part List

Mini Soldering Iron Operating Part1
PCB soldering kit1
Soldering Iron Tip Type-BC21
Earth Clamps1
Soldering Tron Tip Type-B21
User Manual1
Soldering Iron Stand1
Small Carrying Bag1
DC5525 Power Adapter1


ECCNNot Available



Questions and Answers

Is this a re-branded MINI TS100?
on Jan 04,2018
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Hi there~ This product is customized with the manufacturer of TS100.
on Jan 05,2018 14:22 PM
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    Mini Soldering Iron Deluxe Kit (Europe Standard)

    SKU 110060222
    12 Available
    $99.00/ 1pcs+
    $89.10/ 10pcs+
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