Moisture Module - .NET Gadgeteer Compatible

Moisture Module - .NET Gadgeteer Compatible

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Moisture Sensor module for Gadgeteer. This Moisture Sensor can be used to detect the moisture of soil or judge if there is water around the sensor, let the plants in your garden reach out for human help. They can be very easy to use, just insert it into the soil and then analog read it.  With help of this module , it will be realizable to make the plant reminds you : Hey, I am thirsty now, please give me some water.
Requires socket Type A.
  • Gadgeteer socket type A
  • 2-leg structure, easy to plug into soil
  • Detect the humidity variation of soil or works as a “water detector”, but not a relative humidity or absolute humidity sensor
External Links
you need to download the following software to start your Gadgeteer:
  1. Development tool : Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010
  2. Micro framework:  Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1 SDK
  3. The Gadgeteer core, mainboard SDk and module driver(GHI)
You can download these tools at :


Technical Details

Dimensions0mm x 0mm x 0mm
WeightG.W 9g    


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Questions and Answers

Hi I bought this moisture sensor 20 pieces. I just realized that it designed for Gadgeteer. Could you suggest to me how to connect this moisture with Audrino
on Oct 19,2016
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Yes, you can. You can send your design files in one e-mail and name the files like this: order37218_5cm*5cm_1, order37218_5cm*5cm_2, order37218_5cm*5cm_3......
on Oct 20,2016 10:41 AM
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    Moisture Module - .NET Gadgeteer Compatible

    SKU 101120002
    This item is no longer available.
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