Pixel V2.0
Pixel V2.0
Pixel V2.0
Pixel V2.0
Pixel V2.0
Pixel V2.0
Pixel V2.0

Pixel V2.0

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PIXEL is expected to launch a new version next month
This item is no longer available.

PIXEL is expected to launch a new version next month. We are looking forward!

Introduction :

PIXEL’s ultra-bright LEDs gives you a place to view that retro-flavoured pixel art in a resolution of 32×32.

PIXEL comes included with 180+ unique works of pixel art content via a collaboration with 12 pixel artists all over the world. And of course you can easily add your own pixel art too. The software and hardware created for PIXEL: LED ART are both open source and fully hackable using PIXEL’s software API.

Simply select the art from your Android, PC, Mac, or Raspberry Pi and download to PIXEL. After that, PIXEL runs in stand alone mode with no device connection necessary. Or leave your device connected and use PIXEL in interactive mode for things like Twitter feeds, interactive animations using the optional proximity sensor, camera phone feeds, and on the fly pixel art creation.


  •  Included Art, 180+ works of pixel art from 12 artists
  • Apps for Android, Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi
  • Create and upload your own animated GIFs
  • 1024 multi-color LEDs
  • Ports for external sensors (up to 5)
  • Wall mounting hole
  • Included desktop stand
  • Open source hardware & software
  • Dimensions 8.5” x 8.5” x 1.75”
  • Weight 2 lbs

More on PIXEL at http://ledpixelart.com


Note:Shipping is not included in the price and is separate. You can calculate the shipping costs during checkout.


If you encounter any problems when using this product, please contact al(at)ledpixelart.comfor the technical support.

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