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QFP surface mount protoboard - 0.50mm

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A multi-purpose surface mount protoboard from Dangerous Prototypes
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A multi-purpose surface mount protoboard from Dangerous Prototypes. Great for getting started with a new microcontroller. It has footprints for:
  • 32-80pin xQFP packages (TQFP, VQFP, LQFP, etc)
  • SOIC(W) chips from .150″ to .3″ (max 32 pins)
  • xSSOP chips (max 32 pins)
  • Button with pull-up resistor input area (2x)
  • LED with resistor output area (8x)
  • SMD or through hole crystal with capacitors
  • SOT-23-3/5/6 (6x)
  • 0805 R and C (8x, plus extras near IC footprints)
  • DO-323 (8x)
  • 24×10 pin through-hole prototype area
  • Power bus routed near all components
  • Silk labels on top and bottom
  • Open source (CC-BY-SA)
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If you encounter any problems when using this product, here is the forum from which you can get the technical support.
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