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      Raspberry Pi 2.2 inch TFT Display Module&WOT Touch
      • Raspberry Pi 2.2 inch TFT Display Module&WOT Touch

      Raspberry Pi 2.2 inch TFT Display Module&WOT Touch

      SKU 317080020
      The PI-TFT22A module features a 2
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      The PI-TFT22A module features a 2.2'display with 320x240 16-bit color pixels. This PI-TFT22A module refresh it's screen rapidly because the TFT module communicates with raspberry Pi in a high speed SPI interface ,this PI-TFT22A module can be used as Xwindow port ,displaying images or video etc. it plugs right in on top of your Model A+, B+ or Pi 2 and fits as HAT.

      You can download configuration-free image or configurable packages, adjustable brightnes [level 0 -255], HAT compatible and Onboard buttons, you can load kernel modules to support GPIO KeyBoard function, almost all GPIO available on this board [non SPI 0,GPIO 18,GPIO 24,GPIO23],Very easily be other uses, IDROM has built initialization data to support Device Tree boot.

      Technical Details:

      product nameRPI_2.2'TFT Display Module
      character number320×240
      screen scale2.2'
      refresh rate>20fps
      module scale66x57x12(mm)
      connect port2*20 Stacking Header
      control interfaceSPI
      work voltage5V



      • • 1 x Display Module


      Please visit this wiki page for more info about this product.

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      Questions and Answers
      Does anybody know where to get the Rasbian image with the custom kernel needed to use this display
      on Dec 07,2016
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      I followed everything that was in that guide, including do the same install in several images but it didn't work for me, that is why I'm looking for the ready image since the drivers didn't work out for me. Do you have any idea how to trouble shot this?Thanks
      on Dec 08,2016 04:40 AM
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      My Pi is the version 2, I don't have a logic analyzer right but I ordered one it should arrive in about a week, I'll get the data and post it here
      on Dec 11,2016 16:21 PM
      Replyupvote ()
      I still didn't manage to get the display to work, I've been trying different solutions based on other TFT displays:I'm uploading my findings to a GitHub repo , I uploaded there also the logic analyzer session, please have a look, or give me some instructions to properly debug the issue I''l share my results here and GitHub
      on Jan 06,2017 20:48 PM
      Replyupvote ()
      A working ready to go image is the way to better test this display
      on Jan 06,2017 20:51 PM
      Replyupvote ()
      This does not seem to work. Any ideas how to get it working?
      on Nov 12,2016
      Replyupvote ()
      I'm not having any luck either, tried several methods already, also I can't find the image containing the kernel patches this display needs
      on Dec 06,2016 06:17 AM
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