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      Temperature and Humidity Probe (White)

      Temperature and Humidity Probe (White)

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      Nice design Temperature & Humidity probe facilitate stylish IoT sensing projects. The T&H probe comes in 3 choices of color.
      For IoT Temperature and Humidity sensing projects, if DIY makers are using sensor breakout boards, they may need to put their whole setup of wired Arduino boards into the measurement environment - such as a wine cabinet, a storage shelf, a planting greenhouse etc - which are common use cases of these projects.
      Our nicely designed T&H Probe, can be placed inside the measurement environment, while letting your Arduino setup in a moderate ambient environment, maintaining circuit operation stability.
      Probe is Stylish / Rugged and Practical
      We started from our drawing board with style in mind, the probe has to be practical and be good looking as well.
      The probe come in 3 different choice of colors - pick any one color for the listed unit price.
      • Black
      • White
      • Orange
      Please click your choice when check out, if you have no preference we'll pick our choice for you.
      Sensor IC :
      • HTU21D IC sensor- Individually calibrated
      • Temperature Range (-40 to +125 C) *
      • Humidity Range : 0 to 100 % RH
      • Temperature accuracy +/- 0.3 C typ. (@ 25 C)
      • Humidity accuracy +/- 2% RH typ. (@ 25 C)
      (*) Temperature range of IC senor, Operating temperature of probe differ
      Accessory :
      A 2.5mm connector socket for SMD mount will be shipped together with the probe.


      Technical Details

      Dimensions130mm x 80mm x 14.5mm
      WeightG.W 25g    


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        Temperature and Humidity Probe (White)

        SKU 114990205
        This item is no longer available.
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