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Triangle RGB LED Brick - WS2812B Breakout(10 PCs pack)

SKU 114990191
This is a mini breakout board for WS2812B RGB LED
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This is a mini breakout board for WS2812B RGB LED. The WS2812B is an 5050 RGB LED integrated with intelligent control chip, including digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. It can achieve up to1024 points of cascading (refresh rate at 30fps), every pixel is individual addressable and has 256 kinds of brightness display and 1677212 kinds of color variance. 
The breakout is designed to be a LED brick. It is the shape of an equilateral triangle, of which, one side for signal input, and the other two are for optional signal output. By various combinations, they can be spliced to be a LED panel or even a LED cube.
  • Integrating control circuit and RGB chip
  • Built-in signal reshaping circuit
  • Built-in electric rest circuit and power lost reset circuit
  • 256 brightness and 16777216 color display
  • Cascading port transmission signal
  • Breakout board
  • Power Supply Voltage: +3.5~+5.3V
  • Input Voltage: -0.5~VDD+0.5V
  • Red Vf: 1.8~2.2V
  • Green Vf: 3.0~3.2V
  • Blue Vf: 3.2~3.4V
  • Red Wavelength: 620~630 nm
  • Green Wavelength: 515~530 nm
  • Blue Wavelength: 465~475 nm
  • Red luminous intensity(20mA): 550~700 mcd
  • Green luminous intensity(20mA): 1100~1400mcd
  • Blue luminous intensity(20mA): 200~400 mcd
Package List
10 x Triangle RGB LED Brick 
WS2812B File - Datasheet from manufacturer
OctoWS2811 LED Library - Driving hundreds to thousands of LEDs
Adafruit NeoPixel Library - Based on Arduino platform
Light Weight Library  - For 8-Bit AVR micro controllers


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