Weight Sensor (Load Cell) 0-500g

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Applicable to electronic scale, price computering scale, electronic platform scale, digital scale; parcel post scale, electronic balance and all varieties of commercial scales by single load cell. 




  • Capacity g 500g

  • Output sensitivity mv/v 0.5±0.1

  • Nonlinearity %.F.S 0.05

  • Hysteresis %F.S 0.05

  • Repeatability %F.S 0.05

  • Creep(30min) %.F.S 0.05

  • Temperature effect on sensitivity %F.S/10℃ 0.05

  • Temperature effect on zero %F.S/10℃ 0.05

  • Zero balance %F.S ±0.5

  • Input resistance Ω(ohms) 1120±10

  • Output resistance Ω(ohms) 1000±10

  • Insulation resistance MΩ(ohms) ≥2000

  • Recommended excitation voltage v 5v

  • Method of connecting wire red: Exc + black: Exc –

  • green: Sig + white:Sig -

  • Dimension(mm): 45 x 9 x 6



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