Make your ideas fly!
We create open platforms that enable
people to explore the world flying robotics
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The ideal tool for research
The Crazyflie is ideal for many areas of research. The source  code is
open source, making it possible to tap into any part of  the system for
complete control and full flexibility.

Great for the classroom

The crazyflie is a versatile development platform that is made to engage people to learn about robotics and quadcopters. Help the students acquire knowledge in areas like control algorithms, embedded systems, aeronautics or robotics by verifying their insights on a real quadcopter. The expansion decks adds new  functionality to the Crazyflie that extends the reach of potential interest areas and makes the Crazyflie a great tool for education where both teachers and students can rely on an evolving platform. Since the Crazyflie fits in the palm of  your hand and only weighs 27g it’s ideal to fly inside the classroom and reduces the need for safety precautions.

Open source community
Open source is about sharing, creating something awesome together
and contribute to the greater good. The Crazyflie 2.0 is an open source
project, with a growing community of researchers, teaches, makers and
hackers all around the world!
We think that a development platform should be something more than just making the code available, therefore our software, firmware and utilities have functionality such as logging, real-time parameter setting and wireless firmware updates.
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