EasyEDA gives makers PCB layout in a browser

Hackers and makers are always up to some crazy things. After almost four years trying to simplify the design flow of building electronics stuff, a small team of hackers launched a free, zero-install, web based EDA tool suite, integrating powerful schematic capture, mixed-mode circuit simulation and PCB layout in a seamless cross-platform browser environment, for electronic engineers, educators, students and hobbyists.


Sounds interesting? Well, why not check out http://easyeda.com/editor? Please be patient on your first visit though: because EasyEDA includes a large component library, you need to give it 5 seconds to load the editor. After that though it only takes a second to open it again on later visits.

“From a few early adopters giving the tools a serious shakedown, over 1,500 users have now joined EasyEDA – with many more using EasyEDA in Anonymous Mode – to produce a total of more than 10,000 designs from which, so far, 12 designs have been completed with PCB orders from us. All of these users have told us they are satisfied both with the software and with the high quality of the PCBs”says founding member, Dillon He.

Seeedstudio is also proud of this, because all of the PCBs are fabricated by Seeedstudio Fusion PCB service. There are lots of newbie makers who don’t know how to create the correct set of Gerber files in some of the more established EDA tools.  In EasyEDA, you just don’t need to know anything about how to do this because, when you complete your PCB layout, just click the  esaydea-2button, fill in your address and a few other details and once you accept the email quote that you’ll receive and make your payment, you will get your PCBs a few days later.  If you want to order PCBs from any other PCB manufacturer, you just need to click the Gerber button esaydea-3 to download a zipped archive of the Gerber files and email them to your chosen supplier.

It really is that easy.

EasyEDA allows users to build private projects but it is the perfect tool to build Open Source Hardware projects. EasyEDA has some very impressive ways to share projects with others.

A New Zealand maker, Boz, found EasyEDA from EasyEDA web based design tool post a couple months ago and now he just can’t stop making products using EasyEDA! We list some of his open source projectsbelow.

1. Coffee Machine Timer

esaydea-4 esaydea-5

Check out some more information about this product at Re-using pre-existing cases to make your design shine!

2  Mobile Terminal RD200A Main Board


Boz’s other open source projects can be found here.

Many customers of Seeedstudio use Eagle or Kicad to build projects. Want to try EasyEDA but don’t want to start your next project from scratch? Well, the good news is that you can import your libs to EasyEDA. EasyEDA even supports importing Eagle (V6+) schematic and PCBs.

“EasyEda is good enough for hackers, I think I would have difficulty going back to Eagle or KiCad now so it will be my main tool.” says Boz.

After an in-depth trial, Nancy – who works for Seeedstudio – thinks,

“To the newcomer, EasyEDA is a good platform, easy to learn with a user-friendly UI. Especially it has strong PCB layout functions, time-saving and making my design better.”

Hackers always like to try new things: EasyEDA is a really new thing in EDA, so give easyeda a try and post your comments and feedback about it here.


June 2014