Back Due to Popular Demand! Free Assembly for 5 Pieces PCB with Seeed Fusion!

In light of the overwhelming success of the free assembly for 5 pieces PCBA event earlier this year, Seeed Fusion is bringing back the much-loved trial offer so more of you can experience the convenience of true turnkey PCB assembly. Missed out last time? Fear not.

Get free assembly for up to 5 pieces PCBA with Seeed Fusion via the special event page. That includes:

  • Smart and transparent online BOM quotation provided in seconds,
  • High-quality PCB manufacture including aluminum and flexible materials, multi-layer boards and more (FR4 substrate,
  • Flexible components procurement from reputable global distributors or the cheaper Open Parts libraries,
  • Trusted PCB assembly capability, including double-layer PCBs, BGAs, through-hole assembly capability and functional testing available,
  • Experienced and compassionate support,
  • And don’t forget free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Just pay for the PCB and components and we will take care of the rest.

Number of different components in the BOM (BOM lines) is limited to 20. Once per customer and one-time use currently carry on from the previous run, sorry!

When we announced the first free assembly event designed to encourage people still on the fence to give turnkey PCB a try, it was received with overwhelming support and gratitude. It was so popular, that we were having a little trouble keeping up with the sudden influx of orders. Since then, we have expanded capacity and streamlined quality control to maintain consistent error-free boards and high efficiency. This time, we have also implemented a limit on the number of different components per PCBA order to prevent people from taking advantage of the event and clogging up the production line.

Ready? Place your order here. Need help? Check out the FAQ guides to get started.

Done with prototyping? We’ve also knocked off the Operation Fees for orders of 100 pieces or more, which will typically save you around 25% (depends on component cost). Offer expires soon.

Had any issues with previous 5 pieces free assembly PCBA orders? Let us know and we’ll let you try again with the new run (20 different component limit applies).


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  1. Great!! I’m getting ready to do a run so this will be very welcome! 😀 Last time I wasn’t ready.

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