POWER-UP PCBA #7: Zero Commission Groupbuy Service for Seeed Fusion PCBA

Do you have an excellent hardware design, but don’t know through which channels you can realize your ideas?

Have you ever considered producing the design but quit because it could cost an enormous amount of money, and involves a high risk? What if the product does not sell as well as you thought? What if you can’t even cover the manufacturing costs?

What if there was a platform that can prove that your design has great commercial value, while at the same time, promote your design and earn the recognition of more people?

When you know there is interest in your hardware, but perhaps not enough, it is difficult to decide whether to go through the hassle of mass production or not.

Now, Seeed Groupbuy can cater to those needs and more.

By utilizing Seeed Groupbuy, you can initiate a Groupbuy project with a Fusion PCBA order as the product. If your Groupbuy project secures the minimum number of orders, you can begin production as usual without the uncertainty. Seeed will then ship the boards to the supporters directly, and you will receive the payment, commission free. Through Groupbuy, you can start selling your products directly on the Seeed website with almost no effort. You may be wondering if it is difficult to process. The answer is absolutely NO.

All you need to do is:

  1. Submit the project information via the application page, including the project introduction, related pictures, PCB Gerber files, BOM list and PCB board parameters file, test plan and basic tutorial.
  2. Then, your account manager will confirm the production cost price, according to which, you can set the product selling price.
  3. After final confirmation, the Groupbuy will start right away!

That is all you have to do to start taking orders for your Groupbuy. It is not as hard and complicated as you thought, right?

When the Groupbuy initiated by you has successfully attracted target number of supporters within the allotted timeframe, Seeed will begin by producing a sample piece for first article inspection. After verification, the formal production will begin. Seeed will also handle all order processing, from payment processing to packaging and shipping. There is no need for inventory labels, bubble wrap or handling inventory. Seeed is responsible for all these.

After the Groupbuy completes, the money will then be stored in your account balance, directly to your bank account.

Even if the Groupbuy fails to gain enough supporters, Seeed will handle refunds to all participants so you don’t need to worry about the follow-up work.

5 projects have already been launched on Seeed Groupbuy. Programmable LED Snowflake Board for Christmas has successfully attracted enough buyers and the snowflake boards are being manufactured now and will be shipped to buyers soon.  

4 other projects are currently live including [Grasshopper Development Board] and 3 different Pyxis 7″ 1200×1920 Display Module Light for Raspberry Pi CM3+kits.

Let’s have a look at these two products.

  1. Grasshopper Development Board

STM32L082 Development Board with SX1276 LoRa Radio

Designed by Tlera Corporation, a one-man maker shop with a focus on appallingly small, value-added products, the Grasshopper is a small development board for the STM32L082 that exposes 19 GPIOs to the user as well as 3V3, GND, VIN, and VREF (for the analog sector), has an indicator led on GPIO 13 as well as a power-on led that can be disabled via a solder jumper for lowest power usage, and has an on-board antenna suitable for either 868 or 915 MHz.

Intended to be programmed using an Arduino IDE (just like Ladybug, Butterfly, and Dragonfly, flashing new programs and receiving serial output through the microB USB connector.

The Grasshopper has a target of 100 units and expires in a month.

2.Pyxis 7″ 1200×1920 Display Module with Raspberry Pi CM3+ Dev Kit

This module is designed by Renetec, Inc,a developer of display modules and SDKs for embedded GUI development. 3 kits are available, the basic kit with just the display module and two that include the Raspberry Pi CM3+ board and accessories. Each has a target of 5 and expire soon!

The Pyxis has a high resolution 7” touchscreen, with multi-point capacitive touch input. All the necessary software is already pre-installed, so you can immediately focus on the GUI design that is specific to your project. All you need is to create it as a web application and copy your files to the module through USB or cloud storage (requires Wi-Fi dongle). Pyxis JavaScript APIs allow you to access hardware peripherals and use UART, GPIO, SPI, and PWM right from your web-page.

These projects are currently available to join. You can click here to learn more.

Seeed is your solid backing throughout the entire Groupbuy process.

Seeed has been deeply involved in the hardware industry for 12 years and possesses extensive experience in hardware manufacturing and promotion.

Unlike other Groupbuy services, Seeed takes charge of production, first-article inspection, logistics and delivery, and provides a platform for project initiation to ensure the release of your product.

However, full ownership of the final work still belongs to the designer. You can also sign an NDA agreement with us.             

At the present stage, we do not charge any service fees. 15 days after all Groupbuy orders have shipped, the payment will be deposited directly into your account via PayPal or wire transfer.

If you have a great design idea that has yet to be realized or are still worried about high manufacturing costs, Groupbuy is a great solution that can solve your concerns!

Please contact at [email protected] and let us help to make your idea come into reality!

For more information, check out the Groupbuy FAQ or contact [email protected] for help.

Attention! For the first time ever, we’re bringing you free functional testing of 1 piece for every PCBA order. Seeed Fusion functional testing ensures the quality of PCBA products and avoids delays in product release due to rework. Come and get the first try!


May 2020