Start Selling Fusion PCBA Products with Seeed Licensed Products Program

Introducing a new e-commerce platform for Fusion PCBA users, Seeed Marketplace is a simple to use platform complete with order fulfillment and worldwide distribution.

Have you ever wanted a hassle-free way of getting your designs into the hands of makers and like-minded enthusiasts? Or perhaps you need help with mass distribution and publicity. The Seeed Marketplace can cater to those needs and more.

By utilizing Seeed’s existing infrastructure, you barely need to lift a finger to start selling directly on the Seeed website. Just make a listing for your Seeed Fusion PCBA order, conjure an irresistible description and upload some snazzy photos. Once your PCBA order and listing are confirmed and your boards are “in-stock”, you can start selling right away. Visitors will be able to view your listing from the main Seeed Bazaar homepage in a dedicated Seeed Marketplace section, and just like any other product, customers can just add it to the cart and check-out, with or without other products.

Seeed will then handle all the order processing, from payment processing to packing and shipment. No need to stock up on labels or bubble wrap or handle inventory. It is all taken care of by Seeed.

The money will then be stored in your account balance, minus a 5% commission, which can be withdrawn any time, directly to your bank account.

Whether you need a long-term selling platform or just want to share your PCBA boards with friends and makers worldwide, the new Seeed Licensed Products Program is a great solution. Changed your mind? Just ship all your stock to yourself.

The Seeed Licensed products program has just opened its doors! Be one of the first to get your listing online and start selling with Seeed.

Begin by preparing your PCBA order with Seeed Fusion. Find out more.

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2 thoughts on “Start Selling Fusion PCBA Products with Seeed Licensed Products Program

  1. Great idea, but now for some constructive criticism and a pun.

    Would it not have been a good idea to ‘seed’ the marketplace with some content before announcing it? You then could have linked to the actual marketplace, and been able to give people a better view of what to expect.

    1. Loving the pun, and the criticism. We have a line-up in the works but I guess we were just too excited to release this! Stay tuned!

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