Seeed Fusion Badge Sponsorship Returns for DEFCON 29. Join now!

Previous badge sponsorship activities from Seeed have proven to be an overwhelming success, helping the likes of DCZia with the Theramin badge and Seees’s purple onion badge design. 2020 put a damper on things, but no virus is stopping a proper DEFCON event this year. As the epidemic subsides and the temperature picks up, we are not short of interest and inquiries for much-needed #badgelife sponsorship opportunities. To respond to the demand, we are once again proud to announce the return of badge sponsorship this year.

One of Seeed’s founding goals was to become the maker for makers, utilizing hardware manufacturing expertise to help makers realize their hardware designs efficiently and affordably. Over the years, Seeed’s PCB assembly, manufacturing and sourcing capabilities have improved tremendously, maturing to provide complete OEM and ODM services to corporations and industrial institutions. However, maker and hacker culture remains close to the heart of Seeed’s values and with DEFCON comes the opportunity to celebrate our maker foundings and bring badge designers’ elaborate ideas to life. And now, more than ever, badge makers need all the help they can get.

If you happen to be looking for sponsors to help make your badge, for DEFCON or otherwise, don’t miss out on Seeed Fusion’s badge sponsorship event!

What is Seeed offering for Badge Sponsorship?

How do I Apply for Seeed Badge Sponsorship

Designers interested in applying for badge sponsorship, please send us an email to [email protected], and attach a brief description of your badge and an image of the design with the Seeed logo. (Please rest assured, we will keep it confidential!)

This event is open to DEFCON badgelife groups, makers or any other badge enthusiasts from all over the world. Break the mold and go further with Seeed Fusion!

In addition, Seeed also opened the Fusion Marketplace, an international platform that can be used to initiate your badge design and sell it to customers around the world through various sales models. Gather momentum with the crowdfunding-style Groupbuy platform and let people-power drive down the costs, or have a fixed number of badges manufactured and sell directly on Seeed. Seeed can handle all manufacturing, order processing and distribution on your behalf without extra service fees.

What’s more, every Seeed PCBA order now includes free Design for Assembly review. If there is anything we have learned from previous DEFCONs, we know that time is critical and so it is important to get things right the first time. With the Design for Assembly review, Seeed’s engineers will verify the design is assembly friendly and that the boards and components are compatible at the first instance, eliminating nasty surprises from that last-minute modification or minor oversight.

Furthermore, Seeed Fusion can perform functional testing to your requirements and we highly recommend 100% functional testing for batch badge manufacture. Make sure every badge coming off the line is fully operational and works as intended, no hacking needed – unless required by design.

Let’s walk through memory lane and admire some of Seeed’s previous success stories:

What are you waiting for? If this is enough to make your badge-making fingers tingle, hurry up and join our badge sponsorship event, we are very eager to work with you and witness your creativity!

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