POWER-UP PCBA #16 Invigorate your Inspiration for IoT with LoRa-E5 and FREE Seeed Fusion PCBA Prototypes

BIG NEWS!! To accelerate the development of IoT, Seeed is sponsoring Lora-E5 projects with the Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service for all hardware enthusiasts, designers, makers, and engineers around the world!

Explore LoRa-E5 & the Seeed Fusion PCBA Service

LoRa-E5 is the first SoC to combine a LoRa RFIC (SX126X) with an MCU (STM32WLE5JC) embedded on a single module. Designed with low energy but high performance, low cost and compact applications in mind, the FCC and CE certified LoRa-E5 LoRaWAN® module is ideal for long-distance, ultra-low-power applications such as airport tracking, smart agriculture, smart city, wireless meter reading, sensor networks, wireless communication, and other low-power wide-area IoT scenarios.

Orkhan AmirAslan, a hardware engineer from The Things Network (TTN) recently developed a feather-style breakout board for the LoRa-E5 module, which was manufactured with the Seeed Fusion PCB assembly service, a one-stop-shop for electronics manufacture.

Good ideas need to be discovered, and good projects deserve to be recognized, realized and widely disseminated.

If you have an interesting concept for Lora-E5 and are willing to share it with the community, share it with us and we can help you make it a reality with Seeed Fusion’s one-stop-shop capabilities. Get 2 boards fabricated and assembled completely free with Seeed Fusion’s turnkey PCB Assembly service.

Furthermore, choose all your parts from the PCBA Open Parts Libraries (OPL) and reduce the lead time to as little as 7 working days.

Meanwhile, if you have mass production requirements, we highly recommend taking advantage of the Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly service and get the LoRa-E5 modules for only US$5.90 (40% discount, original price US$9.90).

Take your LoRa-E5 project to the next level!

How to apply:

Each person is limited to two PCBA boards 100% completely FREE for one design, including PCB fabrication, the cost of parts, assembly and shipping. The design must include LoRa-E5.

When preparing the BOM file, just add the Seeed SKU 317990687 or the part number LoRa-E5 to your BOM file. Add the order to the cart then contact our customer support ([email protected]) to obtain the corresponding cash coupon for settlement.

By participating in this event, you agree to review your experience with us and allow us to share it and the design with the community on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.). The design does not need to be open-sourced and production files will not be shared with the public (unless you want to). We hope your experience will go onto inspire more users to embrace IoT, LoRaWAN® and its capabilities.

Further Cooperation With Seeed

Seeed can assist designers with an established project plan with product development and mass production. Furthermore, we can assist with sales and distribution using our global sales network, and designers can obtain the licensing fees through sales by becoming a senior partner.

We hope to see more Lora-E5 application cases involving smart agriculture, smart logistics management, smart water meter, smart home and smart parking system, etc. Furthermore, if you are very interested in our product, but do not want to draw schematic and lay out by yourself for some reason, you are welcome to experience our ODM service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support at [email protected] for further consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Since the LoRa-E5 Sponsorship with Seeed Fusion campaign launched, designers and engineers from all over the world have enthusiastically participated in it, we’re gladly received a wide range of interest and great feedback from the community. Moreover, we’ve been delighted to witness the successful and meaningful projects that many designers have made. Here are some case studies that have been made by various participants.

Case Study 1 – Solar-Powered Outdoor Air Quality Monitor transmits data over LoRaWAN

Gerrit Niezen from the United Kingdom, realized the seriousness of the environmental problem early on and started to take action to make efforts to solve it. He was looking for LoRa modules with LoRaWAN built-in. Seeed Studio’s LoRa-E5 is the one of the first modules that uses the STM32WL, which contains both a microcontroller and LoRa RF in the same chip. It comes preinstalled with a LoRaWAN stack, so it was very easy to integrate into the air quality monitor.

At the same time, Gerrit was also kind enough to share his thoughts after trying the Seeed Fusion PCBA one-stop service.

I bought my first batch of LoRa-E5 modules directly from their web shop, and they arrived relatively quickly. For my second prototype revision I used Seeed’s Fusion PCB assembly service, as Seeed currently has an offer for two free PCBA boards if it contains a LoRa-E5. I thought it was too good to be true.

During the design check Seeed even found a footprint issue that wasn’t discovered by other manufacturers during the first prototype run, and where parts were out of stock Seeed worked with me to find suitable alternatives. Seeed Fusion is such a reliable and convenient one-stop prototype service that I’d love to work with them again”. 

The Open Air Monitor is a solar-powered, outdoor air quality monitor that transmits data over LoRaWAN networks

Case Study 2: Low-Power Snow Depth Sensor Monitoring for IoT Smart City Based On LoRa-E5 Applied in Norway

As the Civil and Structural Engineer Todd Fratzel wrote in Maintenance, Roofing, Safety: “Each year heavy snowfall is responsible for severe damage to homes. Deep snow can cause structural damage and water damage. In addition, deep snow can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and serious fall injuries.” Thus, effectively monitoring the accumulated snow cover over time can facilitate the road traffic, expressway, aviation industry and meteorological personnel to better understand the meteorological disaster caused by snow cover, and to make corresponding prevention plans to ensure the safety of people and property.

Eivind Holt, a software developer in the field of e-health, used a Seeed LoRa-E5 mini (STM32WLE5JC) Dev Board and a MaxBotix Inc. HRXL-MaxSonar MB7374, and made a Low-Power snow depth sensor device that can measure how much snow has accumulated on the ground. It is able to run on small batteries for years, survive sub-zero (Celcius) temperatures and uses LoRaWAN to transmit measurements to the internet for further processing. The device has a watertight enclosure 3D-printed with resin SLA, and it has been applied to real uses for a month now with an achievement of 2600 transmitted measurements. The project even got an coverage on a local newspaper Norwegian, and several municipalities have shown interest in adapting the device to their specific scenarios. In the upcoming future, our team will join Eivind to explore how our Fusion prototyping and customization services can help scale up the project.

If you want to learn more about the project story, click here: https://lnkd.in/g5VK9M97 

Case study 3: Former Ph.D Researcher At OSU Developed Stream Runoff Monitoring Sensors Using LoRa-E5 to Measure The Temperature, Quality and Flow

“Changes in streamflow can directly influence the supply of drinking water and the amount of water available for irrigating crops, generating electricity, and other needs. In addition, many plants and animals also depend on streamflow for habitat and survival.” the United States Environmental Protection Agency mentioned in a report “Climate Change Indicators: Streamflow”.

This is exactly the reason why William Dillon started a project many years ago to develop cost-effective sensors to measure the quantity, temperature, and quality of stream runoff over the course of a year with the support grant from the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, UNITED STATES DEPT OF. And now William is taking the project further along with a friend and colleague by applying Seeed LoRa-E5 to make it possible to have a low-power communication with many years of battery life!

“Science for a changing world, technology for a better life! ”William and his team are the epitome of this USGS Slogan as he said, “I’ve been working on it as much as I can on weekends and at night because I believe in improving our environment as much as we can. I believe we can only succeed in improving the environment by understanding it, and measuring it.”

Want to learn how William worked with Seeed Fusion to bring this device into life for Free? Click here: https://lnkd.in/gx5azJp6

Case study 4: Monitoring Indoor Air Pollutants – The Silent Issue for Smart City IoT using Seeed LoRa-E5 and Fusion PCBA

During the Covid-19 pandemic, most people were forced to spend a lot more time at home and might be unaware of how the air that they breathe might influence their well-being. A polluted room or house can lead to irritation of eyes, headaches and long-term exposures can lead to respiratory diseases or even cancer.

This project is intended to provide an insight into the air quality within a room or house or even office, making use of an IAQ sensor with AI capabilities. This sensor uses a “breath-VOC” mixture to detect exhaled human breath and it measures the concentration of volatile organic compounds, using the BSEC 2.x library to output an IAQ. This could alert the user to let’s say open a window or if the conditions are extreme, look into purchasing an air purifier.

The final year student Mircea-Iuliu Micle at the University of Plymouth UK, after a long search of integrated packages or MCU + RF trans receivers combos, the Seeed LoRa-E5 choice was easy. It provides the LoRa RFIX(SX126X) with the STM32WLE5JC MCU on a single module, providing high performance and low energy consumption in a tiny package. On top of this, all it needs it’s 2 capacitors and an antenna!

With plenty of peripherals and memory available, the module is also capable of running Arm’s Mbed Os ( https://os.mbed.com/mbed-os/ ), making it a perfect choice for rapid prototyping and IoT.

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