Seeed Studio XIAO Series community project WANTED

There are variety of Seeed Studio XIAO development boards since we first released XIAO SAMD21 in late 2020, it quickly becomes one of the favourite tiny sized microcontroller development board by the maker community. If you are wandering what is XIAO please vist the XIAO Series information page and start to getting your hands on the Power Full yet Ultra Small Sized development board, and please do not forget to share your very own experiences with the community.

We would like to gather all kinds of interesting community projects that utilising the Seeed Studio XIAO series development board in the wild.

We will also regularly pick and share fun projects on our Seeed Studio SNS platforms to make your project more exposed to everyone.

To participate please complete the form by click the SUBMIT NOW button below and someone from our team will contact you soon:

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  1. Looking to start learning how to code, with a focus on eventual ML applications. I am learning and playing synthesizer music from both analog devices as well as digital and PC based digital audio workstations. To better learn I plan to use this interest in music to better reinforce my learning experience. I would like to share my learning journey and want to set up a way to collaborate with new and senior programmers to build some fun synthesizers with a library of sounds to work with and a way to share new idea and implement them as an education tool. Would love to involve other new learners from other fields of study, such as chemistry, astronomy etc., to show how multidisciplinary fields can work together on a collaborative goal guided by self interest.

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