POWER-UP PCBA #21 Build your LoRaWAN Gateway with Wio-WM1302 and get FREE Seeed Fusion PCBA Prototypes

Expand LoRa Network Coverage with Seeed

With LoRa technology becoming simultaneously more accessible and more advanced, developers and DIY enthusiasts alike are increasingly looking to build their own gateways to suit their own needs. Whether it is to lower costs or take advantage of newer technology, modules like Wio-WM1302 make building your own gateway that much simpler.

To further support LoRaWAN gateway developers and LoRaWAN coverage, Seeed Fusion is providing PCB Assembly services completely free for Wio-WM1302 based boards. Now has never been a better time to develop your own LoRaWAN gateway.

Explore Wio-WM1302 & the Seeed Fusion PCBA Service

Wio-WM1302 is a module based on the new generation of baseband LoRa® chip for gateways, the Semtech® SX1302, in a mini-PCI form factor. As used in the SenseCAP series of LoRaWAN gateways, Wio-WM1302 has improved sensitivity and is capable of handling more traffic than previous devices while at the same time, reducing current consumption and operating temperature. With the mini-PCIe form factor, it is easy to switch modules and upgrade older devices. WM1302 is also pre-certified to CE and FCC standards, simplifying product certification.

The perfect solution to simplify LoRaWAN gateway development

If you have an interesting concept for Wio-WM1302 and are willing to share it with the community, share it with us and we can help you make it a reality with Seeed Fusion’s one-stop-shop capabilities. Get 2 boards fabricated and assembled completely free with Seeed Fusion’s turnkey PCB Assembly service.

Seize the opportunity with Seeed

How to apply:

Each person is limited to two PCBA boards 100% completely FREE for one design, including PCB fabrication, the cost of parts, assembly, and shipping. The design must be based on Wio-WM1302.

Please click the link and fill in the form: https://forms.gle/4isqbG5bozsJ5Evj6

When preparing the BOM file, just add the Seeed SKU 114992969 or the part number Wio-WM1302 LoRaWAN Gateway module-US915 to your BOM file. Add the order to the cart then contact our customer support ([email protected]) to obtain the corresponding cash coupon for settlement.

By participating in this event, you agree to review your experience with us and allow us to share it and the design with the community on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.). The design does not need to be open-sourced and production files will not be shared with the public (unless you want to). 

Further Cooperation With Seeed

Seeed can assist designers with an established project plan with product development and mass production. Furthermore, we can assist with sales and distribution using our global sales network, and designers can obtain the licensing fees through sales by becoming senior partners.

We hope to see more LoRaWAN gateway devices come to fruition for a wide variety of applications and needs. Furthermore, if you are interested in Wio-WM1302 and have an idea you want to realize, but do not have the product development resources, you are welcome to contact our ODM team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support at [email protected] for further consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


August 2022