Your Next Success Story Made Possible By Licensing —— Co-Create and Launch Your Ideas From 0.1 To ∞ With Seeed Studio!

As an IoT enabler, Seeed is committed to enabling individuals and businesses to achieve their digital goals through our IoT solutions. In addition to Seeed’s impressive range of products available on our Bazaar platform, our Fusion service offers flexible manufacturing and hardware customization support to help create tailored solutions for our customers.

To encourage more creators and grow with our community together, we are launching the Co-create Program!

What is the Seeed Studio Co-create?

Licensing is one of the fastest ways to bring your idea to life and get it into the hands of users. By licensing your product, you can allow the licensee (in this case, Seeed Studio) to handle all aspects of manufacturing, marketing, order processing, and distribution while you earn money on every product sold.

Turn your ideas into real products and receive royalties!

Our community consists of developers and hobbyists using platforms including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NVIDIA Jetson, and Seeed products such as Seeed Grove modules, XIAO series, Wio-E5, BeagleBoardGreen, ODYSSEY X86, etc. in fields ranging from IoT, AI, machine learning, smart homes, industry and agriculture, environmental sensing, electronics education and more.

If your idea resonates with our community’s values and interests, we would love to have you on board!

Why Seeed Studio?

Established credibility across international markets, 14+ years of experience in manufacturing, and extensive knowledge of engineering in supply chain management enable Seeed to provide cost-efficient solutions, customized product design guidance, and a strong online presence to reach a wider audience.

How To Improve The Pass-rate? Learn About What We Prefer To License.

All licensed projects, whether hardware, software, tutorial or complete product will feature on the Seeed Studio store (Bazaar) individually or with Seeed Studio’s products for sale and you will get a share of the profits. We are looking for unique projects that strongly identify with Seeed Studio’s audience, solve real-life problems, fill a niche and/or spur inspiration and creativity.

  • Hardware

Hardware is Seeed Studio’s specialty, with over a decade of manufacturing and product development expertise. Development boards, carrier boards, breakouts, modules, and finished products all fit into Seeed Studio Fusion’s manufacturing portfolio. Products that use Seeed XIAO, Wio-E5, and Raspberry Pi devices (such as CM4) are especially welcome and can benefit from engineer support. Blow your mind and share the creation with us!

  • Tutorial

Utilize your ability to teach, inspire and share your enthusiasm for the latest open-source technology using Seeed Studio’s products. For example, Benjamin Cabé’s Artificial Nose for exploring TinyML with Wio Terminal and Grove modules takes an innovative and creative approach to show how TinyML can be used to solve real-life problems. Got an idea? Drop your plan here.

  • Software

Pair your software with Seeed Studio’s hardware to deliver ready-to-deploy solutions to customers worldwide whether you have a unique AI solution or an entirely new platform. Focus on software while Seeed Studio provides the hardware such as ReComputer, ReServer, ReTerminal, and NVIDIA Jetson Carrier boards. Apply now!

How does it work?

The Co-create program is open to all registered members of Seeed Fusion. You can submit your idea, and we will review it with our designers, engineers, and marketers. If your idea meets our criteria, we will explore it further with you. If it passes the stage of proof-of-concept, we will produce the prototypes for your testing or even mass production!

Scratching Head For No ideas? Drew Inspiration From Seeed Fusion’s Current Sponsorship Programs!

Grove and Wio-E5 are Seeed’s hot series which consists of sensors and SoC to accelerate the development of IoT. To explore more useful tools, we have sponsorship on Wio-E5 projects with its PCBA service the and Grove Co-invent campaign. In the current era of artificial intelligence, Seeed is seeking for collaborating with local and global resources to enable next-gen AI products, covering more types of AI scenarios and accelerating industries’ AI transformations.

Besides, in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, Seeed is also sponsoring individuals and businesses that customize their designs or create carrier custom boards with the new CM4 Carrier Board.

10+ projects landed and hit on shelves!

Currently, we have 10+ creative ideas that have been realized and are now available for sale! Enjoy your reading of selected stories:

öchìn CM4—— tiny Rasberry Carrier Board for powerful machine with low consumption

RF Explore—— high frequency tools that provide affordable instruments to assist in wireless projects

Wio——LoRaWAN Field Tester-Powered by Helium

If you have any questions based on the Seeed Studio Co-Create page, please feel free to get one-on-one assistance from the Seeed Co-Create Team by email: [email protected].


March 2023