Pixy2 CMUcam5 Smart Vision Sensor


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Pixy2 is the second version of Pixy. It's faster, smaller and more capable than the original Pixy, adding line tracking/following algorithms as well as other features. 

Here's what we've added to Pixy2:

  • Pixy2 detects lines, intersections and small barcodes, intended for line-following robots

  • Improved framerate – 60 frames-per-second

  • Tracking algorithms have been added to color-based object detection

  • Improved and simplified libraries for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other controllers

  • Integrated light source

And of course, Pixy2 does everything that the original Pixy can do:

  • Small, fast, easy-to-use, low-cost, readily-available vision system

  • Learns to detect objects that you teach it

  • Connects to Arduino with included cable. Also works with Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and similar controllers

  • All libraries for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. are provided

  • C/C++ and Python are supported

  • Communicates via one of several interfaces: SPI, I2C, UART, USB or analog/digital output

  • Configuration utility runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux

  • All software/firmware is open-source GNU-licensed

  • All hardware documentation including schematics, bill of materials, PCB layout, etc. are provided

Typical Functions Overview

  • Seven color signatures

  • Hundreds of objects

  • Teach it the objects you’re interested in

  • Pixy2 "tracks" each object it detects

  • color code

  • Detecting and tracking lines

  • Detecting Intersections and "branching"

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Technical details

Dimensions 42mm x38mm x15mm
Weight G.W 20g
Battery Exclude
Processor NXP LPC4330, 204 MHz, dual core
Image sensor Aptina MT9M114, 1296×976 resolution with integrated image flow processor
Lens field-of-view 60 degrees horizontal, 40 degrees vertical
Power consumption 140 mA typical
Power input USB input (5V) or unregulated input (6V to 10V)
RAM 264K bytes
Flash 2M bytes
Available data outputs UART serial, SPI, I2C, USB, digital, analog
Integrated light source, approximately 20 lumens

Part List

Pixy 2 CMUcam5 Image Sensor 1
FC-10P to FC-6P Cable 1
Screw Package 1


HSCODE 9031900090
USHSCODE 90230000
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