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Edison & Galileo

Edison and Galileo are both produced by Intel for IoT developing. They are all very suitable modules for building IoT equipment because they not only inherit all powerful function from Intel CPU, but also provide numbers of extension option as tiny mainboard. Both of them run Linux, so that you can access and utilize fundamental hardware.

Intel Edison is a tiny computer-on-module offered by Intel as a development system for wearable devices[1] and Internet of Things devices. It is a powerful tiny-computer with which developers are able to create IoT projects such as smart cup, smart cloth, smart latch etc.

Intel Galileo is the first in a line of Arduino-certified development boards based on Intel x86 architecture and is designed for the maker and education communities. Intel released two versions of Galileo, referred to as Gen 1 and Gen 2. With Galileo, developers are able to read data from temperature sensor, building electronic auxiliary system for robots, detecting invader. Even smart cup, talking teddy, and robots can be created based on Win8.1 platform.

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