If this is the first time you've ever met an Arduino shield, you may ask what is a shield? Quote from Arduino "Shields are boards that can be plugged on top of the Arduino PCB extending its capabilities." Well, actually, electronics engineers often refer to this kind of expanding PCB board as a “daughterboard”. Correspondingly, the bottom main board is called the “motherboard”. Simply put, for the daughterboard which is made for Arduino Board, the Arduino name it the shield, similarly, Raspberry Pi calls it Hat, Beaglebone calls it Cape.

You can find a wide range of Arduino shields on our website. Depending on the type of the motherboard, it is divided into Arduino Uno shield, Arduino mega shield, Arduino MKR shield, and Arduino nano shield. According to the function, it is divided into Arduino communication shield, Arduino Display shield, and Arduino Motor shield.


Arduino communication shield: Communication is a broad concept, whether it is wired communication or wireless communication, whether it is industrial communication bus or consumer-grade high-speed communication, you can find the required shield in Seeed. For wireless communication scenarios, We have Arduino WiFi shield, Arduino Bluetooth shield, Arduino 4G shield and, Arduino NFC shield, Arduino Lora shield, Arduino GPS shield, etc. For wired communication scenarios, you can find the Arduino CAN-Bus shield, Arduino Ethernet shield, Arduino RS485/RS232 shield and more.


Arduino Motor Shield: The 4A Motor Shield can drive two DC motors or one Stepper motors, also we have the Brushless Motor Shield to drive the brushless motor.


Arduino display Shield: We have a variety of display shields, including 2.8 inch TFT Touch shield and ultra-low power consumption 2.7'' Triple-Color E-Ink Shield for Arduino which can display without the power supply!


In addition, we also have plenty of shields with other functions, like Arduino music shield, Arduino SD shield, Arduino Relay shield... All in all, you name it, we have it and at the best price.

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    WizFi Shield
  2. Shield Bot
    Shield Bot
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    GPRS Shield V2.0
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    Relay shield V2.0
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    2.04 E-Ink Display Shield
  6. EL Shield
    EL Shield
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