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What’s the Grove Zero?

The Grove Zero is a set of electronics modules that teaches students about programming, electronics, design thinking, and logic. The modules are plug-and-play and programmable with our computer-based app, or with the drag-and-drop blocks using the Microsoft MakeCode. Students can either just snap them together to prototype their projects, or get into re-programming the modules to make advanced projects. With the detailed curriculum that is written by very experienced educators, the Grove Zero Starter kit allows teachers with no experience or lots of experience to bring these lesson into their classroom and embed them in the learning experience.

Main Board
The Main Board is the key to your creative project s. It has all the code inside that can make your project s blink and buzz. Connect it with any combination of Input + Output module to start your inventions.
The Power board provides t wo ways to supply electrical power to your circuit: a 3.7V Li-ion battery or AAA Batteries.
The Buzzer is usually used to make an annoying sound to catch people’s attention, but you can also use it to make ring tones or play music.
Sound Sensor
The Sound Sensor listens to the sound around it. You can use it to visualize the sound level or as a sound trigger to control your circuit.
Light Sensor
The Light Sensor measures the intensity of visible light and tells you how dark or light the environment is.
LED Matrix
The LED Matrix is composed of 5x6 blue LEDs. It can display numbers, letters, graph bars, and pixel images.
Temperature Sensor
The Temperature Sensor measures the ambient temperature.
The IMU 9-DOF contains powerful motion sensors that can track motions like tilt, free fall and shake, detect objective orientation, and work as a compass to detect earth’s magnetic field.
Twin Button
The Twin Button has two push-buttons on board - button A and button B. They can detect event s such as a single press, a double press, and a long-pressing.

*The Grove Zero Modules may occasionally be updated in the future, along with the guide. So the modules you possess may differ from what’s written or illustrated here.

Open Educational Resources

For Grove Zero STEM Starter Kit

The Invention Guide provides the fundamentals of Grove Zero modules and circuits, helps beginners get started with creative and playful projects.


8 lessons, including 60+ pages of detailed instruction and teaching tips to help educators bring Grove Zero into their classroom. And there are more lessons and amazing projects on the ways to share with you.

Key Features

Plug and play

All the Grove Zero modules are programed to be plug-and-play to help kids learn about the electronics very easily. And the versatile Magnetic Adaptor allows you to snap the modules together with magnets in many different ways, without concern for order, direction, or having the modules all facing up.

Compatible with:
Windows Mac
*Beta version is now available

Module Matcher

An entry-level, computer-based app to help you learn the basics of coding as well as practice your logical thinking. You can make simple projects very easilly and quickly, just by pairing up the actions of an input and the reactions of an output.

Actions and Reactions

Input Output IMU 9-DOF LED Matrix grove-zero

Microsoft MakeCode for Grove Zero

A free online web-based visual programming language for you to start with colored blocks that you can drag and drop onto the workspace to construct your programs and improve your inventions.

Go to MakeCode
About Microsoft MakeCode microsoft

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