iCufflinks - v1.0
  • iCufflinks - v1.0
  • iCufflinks - v1.0
  • iCufflinks - v1.0
  • iCufflinks - v1.0

iCufflinks - v1.0

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Sophisticated. Modern. Open Source. Gorgeously machined aluminum with a subtle pulsating LED. Perfect for Father's day or for that geek who loves technology and needs to get dressed up for a special event. Welcome to the future! 
This is a new type of product for Adafruit, we want to create wearable electronics that are subtle, fun to wear and look classy. We're starting with cufflinks and soon we will have a necklace version shortly. 
The cufflinks are CNC machined from the finest 6 series aluminum for durability and beauty. The iCufflinks are a remarkable accessory. Machined with a"screw in backing". Each iCufflink contains a circuit board with pulsating LED and battery. 
Reverse engineered
The"pulsing"is similar to the"breathing"LED pattern on many laptop and computer systems. The default pattern is reverse engineered from the Apple"breathing"LED on Macs, MacBooks, iMacs, etc. 
Open source
Ready to go
Before your fancy event, just pop the battery in, screw the backing and your iCufflinks will gently pulsate for up to 72 hours. Each order comes with 2 sets of batteries, simply replace them when the LED is too dim to see. We sell replacement batteries as well. 
Designed and made in North America
Cufflinks are lovingly machined in Toronto, Canada by Ross + Doell, assembled in New York, New York USA. Created by Mike Doell, Limor Fried and Phillip Torrone.
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