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No matter what kind of Raspberry Pi kit you are looking for, there is a high probability that you can find it in Seeed. These include, but are not limited to, the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit, the Raspberry Pi Sensor Kit, the Raspberry Pi Entertainment kit, the Raspberry Pi Robot kit, and the Raspberry Pi Audio Kit. Most of the kits here support the Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4 and some of the kits are designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi zero. Next, we will introduce these kits in categories in case you do not know how to choose. 


Raspberry Pi Starter Kit: Also known as Raspberry Pi Beginner Kit, this type of kit usually includes the basic accessories required for the Raspberry Pi to boot, including power adapters, SD cards, data cables, power cords, and more. You don't need to care about which accessories are needed for the basic use of the Raspberry Pi,a starter kit is enough, you can consider it as a raspberry pi necessary accessories bundle. These kits are ideal for beginners with zero foundation and can also be used for school teaching. 


Grove Kit for Raspberry Pi: In Seeed, it also means the Raspberry Pi Sensor Kit. Our old friends know how convenient and efficient Grove is. Therefore, we also want to bring the advantages of Grove to the majority of Raspberry Pi users. Grove kit usually contains a Grove hat and several Grove modules, including sensors, actuators or displays. To work with Grove, please forget the difficult welding and complicated wiring, you can simply plug! Plug those Grove modules into the Grove hat, and then plug the Grove hat into the Raspberry Pi. In addition, we have prepared detailed tutorials and materials for the Grove kit, and using these kits to build your Raspberry Pi prototype project will be extremely simple. Suitable for developers, but the Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi also suitable for newcomers with strong learning ability. 


Raspberry Pi Entertainment kit & the Raspberry Pi Robot kit: If you want to use the Raspberry Pi to make your own game console or robot or smart car, we got everything you need. However, such kits often require strong hands-on ability and strong interest, so it is recommended to Raspberry Pi lovers. Well, don't be misled by the above sentence, actually, all you need is interest! 


All in all.... oops, forget about the Raspberry Pi Audio Kit. Simply put, you can use those kit to build your own radio or smart Intelligent voice assistant.


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  1. Raspberry Pi; USB Joystick Gamepad
    USB Joystick Gamepad Control for Pi
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