LoRa® is the abstract of Long Range. It is one of the major long-range and lower-power wireless communication systems developed by Semtech Corporation. Low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) play an increasingly important role in the fast-growing Internet of Things.  LoRaWAN is an LPWAN standard based on an open-source MAC layer protocol brought out by LoRa Alliance. It is able to provide local, nationwide, or global networks to battery-powered wireless devices. LoRaWAN specifically focuses on the core demand of IoT, including secure bidirectional communication, accessible mobility, and location identification, etc. 

Seeed Studio is also one of the LoRa Alliance members that widely develop LoRa technology into industrial IoT products, especially for serving smart agriculture, smart city, and other environmental sensing scenarios. Seeed brings you the latest and most cost-effective LoRa devices and LoRa modules. According to different classification standards, we can divide these LoRa devices into LoRa node, LoRa Gateway;  Seeeduino LoRaWAN, Raspberry Pi LoRa. You can also find a lot of LoRaWAN devices that support the LoRaWAN protocol at Seeed.

When you choose a LoRa device, you need to pay attention to the frequency band and select the frequency band that is suitable for your country and region. 


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