Beaglebone Customization Service

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The Beaglebone is a versatile platform capable of running a full Linux OS while also retaining real-time capability. Designed with industrial use in mind the Beagleboard has numerous I/O and protocol support.

Beaglebone Series
Evaluation Board NRE Hourly MOQ CE & FCC Certification
Beaglebone Green $10,000+ $40+ 500 $3000+
Beaglebone Green Wireless $10,000+ $40+ 500 $3000+

ODM Cost

Our ODM costs are starting prices. More features or having to bring in specialist engineers for a project can cause the NRE and hourly rates to increase change. This does not include manufacturing costs. For a detailed quote please contact us at


We know your projects are often time critical. To help you understand the process and time we have provided this simplified timeline. Each project is a unique case. Adding extensive functionality, or requiring numerous different certifications could greatly extend the project timeline. You can download a more detailed timeline here.

R&D Capability

Our focus is on hardware and firmware customization. We have listed our engineers most used skills below. If you require additional services please contact us at

R&D Type Engineers Most requested skills and abilities
Hardware Electronic engineers Sensor and embedded hardware design. Familiar with AVR / ARM Cortex series platforms.
PCB layout engineers 2-8 layer PCB layouts. Familiar with Altium / Cadence / Cadsoft Eagle / PADS.
Test engineers Write test programs and build test jigs. EMI/EMC certification and reliability tests.
Software Embedded engineers Porting drivers to Arduino / mbed / Linux. Linux application development for IoT and audio processing.
Mechanical Mechanical engineers Product mechanical design: enclosure / metals / molding / cables / connectors. Familiar with PRO-E / AutoCAD / 3D printing / molding.
Package designers Product package and graphic design Familiar with AI / AutoCAD / Color / Materials.
Project Project managers Product development management. Rich experience with ODM projects.
Application engineers Analyze customer’s requirement and provide solutions.