LinkIt Smart 7688

LinkIt Smart 7688, wireless bridge, IoT home, smoke detector

  • Co-design by Seeed and MTK
  • Media Tek MT7688
  • Generous memory and storage
  • Python, Node.js and C as option
  • MediaTek Labs site support

The Australia-based IoT home vendor planned to develop 915mhz-Wifi exchanging bridges for a famous smoke detectors company, enabling traditional industry to cloud.


The vendor requested for tiny in size and cost-effective Wi-Fi SoC solution with stable chip performance.


LinkIt Smart 7688, which is an open development board based on the OpenWrt Linux distribution and MT7688. The board is designed specially to enable the prototyping of rich IoT applications for smart home. The board offers the memory and packet storage to enable robust video processing. The platform also offers options to create device applications in Python, Node.js and C programming language. After alpha test, the vendor requested for external antenna add on and component removal on the standard board. Seeed provides consultancy on it and bridge up Mediatek with the vendor to solve certification issue.


The vendor has purchased 10,000pcs LinkIt Smart 7688 for trial run of one retail store, launching June 2017.