Personal Project Management
Seeed focuses on one-to-one professional project management. Because we pay attention to the project’s needs and the principle of confidentiality.
Cost Down
by Sharing Seeed Supply Chain
Seeed has professional maker-friendly supply chain from purchasing to shipping in order to reduce the cost of customers and adding value to stay more competitive.
DFM Review
to Avoid Potential Risk
DFM leads to enormous benefits including reduction of assembling costs, better quality, shorter lead time. We will output DFM review report to our customers for modification.
Within our DFM review report, we focus on reviewing production files including Gerber, BOM, Mechanical Drawing, Test requirement and manufacturability etc.
Agile Manufacturing
Seeed has agile and flexibility production lines, precision types of equipment, professional maker-friendly supply chain and quality control system.
On a daily basis, we could produce more than 20 batches of different products for the makers all around the world. We are constantly improving our services quality and customer satisfaction.
Global Shipping Fulfillment
Seeed provides quick and safe drop shipping and whole batch package service at a competitive price point. In a word, we can find a suitable solution for your shipping demands.
Sales & Distribution
Seeed provides product selling and promotion by sales channel with market segment strategy. We can also advertise the product by Seeed banner or SNS. In addition, we can promote it to Seeed 300+ global distributors.
Quality Control
Seeed has strict quality control procedure, including test plan, supplier qualification, incoming material inspection, first article inspection, visual inspection, 100% functionality testing and outgoing quality inspection before shipping.
Seeed has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification, and has many years of quality control experience in small batch production. We do inspection mainly according to IPC-A-610E and GB2828 sampling standard, ant our quality customer complaint rate is less than 0.1% every year.