RF Explorer

Spectrum Analyzer, CE, IoT, Signal Generator

  • Affordable digital spectrum analyzer
  • Frequency band can cover 15-6100MHz
  • Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes
  • Windows PC client extension

RF Explorer is a handheld digital spectrum analyzer, designed by Ariel Rocholl. The RF Explorer lab is located in Spain, and has been cooperating with Seeed since 2010. Ariel Rocholl is the Propagate earliest customer of Seeed.

Current catalog includes 10 Spectrum Analyzers models designed for different frequency bands; 1 Signal Generator RF Explorer RFE6GEN; 2 IoT configurable board models for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

In addition there are 3 expansion modules including 2.4G, 3G and also 1G to extend base analyzer models. We distribute also about 30 compatible accessories including antennas, attenuators, adapter connectors, etc. Seeed Propagate service handled all of the products Sourcing, production, manufacturing, QC and worldwide wholesale distribution. Below pictures is showing our turnkey service for RF Explorer product family and accessories.

Seeed Support
Oct/2010:Initial contact and design agreement
May/2011:RF Explorer 433M, 868M, 915M
Jul/2011:RFEM2.4G and RFEMWSUB1G
Aug/2011:RF Explorer 2.4G and WSUB1G
Mar/2012: RF Explorer ISM Combo
Sep/2012: RFEMWSUB3G and 3G Combo
Sep/2014: RF Explorer Signal Generator
Jan/2015: RF Explorer 6G combo and 6G model
Apr/2015:RF Explorer WiFi Combo