Antenna Analyzer, CNC enclosure, VNA.

  • Pocket size open source antenna analyzer
  • 3" high-resolution, active-matrix color display
  • Multiple operating modes for antenna parameters
  • Frequency range: 0.1 to 230MHz with 1Hz resolution

The SARK-110 is a completely new design concept for an Antenna Analyzer. This is a truly pocket size device, so you can take it anywhere. It offers a gorgeous 3” high-resolution, active-matrix color display that allows information-rich diagrams. The user interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. On-screen menus provide user guidance and the operation is mainly controlled by the two navigation keys. The graphical impedance displays provide a quick view of the antenna impedance characteristics on a user selected frequency range.

Melchor Varela (HAM call sign EA4FRB) is the designer of Sark-110. He is from Spain. Seeed started cooperation with Melchor in 2011. At the end of 2014, Melchor decided to develop a new version with an improved enclosure design and other enhancements, including the provision for a future two-port analyzer. In addition, Seeed worked with Melchor to design a new Protective Casing since it was an accessory wanted by customers.

Seeed Support
2014/12/17-2014/12/28Enclosure redesign Kick-Off
2014/12/31Initial CNC enclosure design released
2015/1/5 Initial toughened glass design released
2015/1/8Initial Protective Casing design released
2015/1/7-2015/1/15The second version ID and Protective Casing design released
2015/1/16-2015/1/20The third version ID and Protective Casing design modified
2015/1/19All mechanical parts list released
2015/1/22 Iron stent proposal approved
2015/1/19-2015/2/10 Mechanical parts mock up
2015/2/12:Final version ID, parts list design released
2015/3/2:Protective Casing samples approved
2015/3/12: Injection Molding Kick-Off
2015/6/16: T1
2015/7/1:Mass production