Prototyping is the process of building a model of a system. It is part of the analysis phase of the system's development cycle.
The first"prototype"is the first time all parts of a product or solution are tested together, the first time that the inter-dependencies of all components can be tested, analyzed, and refined.
What is listed in this category? Enclosures for development boards, cables that connect various interfaces, adapters of a wide range of specifications, different kinds of connectors, converters, and many other accessories. All for your rapid prototyping needs.

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    Crazyflie 2.0 - Spare 240mAh LiPo battery
    SKU 313020007
  2. 3.5 mm Jack to 3 RCA Adapter Cable - 150mm
    3.5 mm Jack to 3 RCA Adapter Cable - 15cm
    Special Price $0.10 Regular Price $2.90
    SKU 321030002
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    Laser mirror
    SKU 114990186
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    Micro SIM card converter
    SKU 114990176
  5. BeagleBone Case
    BeagleBone® Case
    SKU 113070001
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    Qi General Wireless Charger Receiver - 5V&0.5A
    SKU 317010008
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    Smart Wireless Charger Transmitter - 5V&1.5A
    SKU 317010007
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    GDA-HLU1 (USB adapter for Gicren device)
    SKU 114990178
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    USB Power Plug Adapter
    SKU 313080028
  10. Micro USB Cable - 5m
    Micro USB Cable - 5m
    SKU 114990141