PIR motion sensor, motion sensor,pir sensor

The PIR Motion sensor module is an automatic control module based on infrared technology. It adopts LHI788 probe, which has high sensitivity, high reliability, low voltage working mode and low power consumption. It can be widely used in various types of automatic induction electrical equipment.



  • Switch

  • Motion sensor

  • Thief-guarding system

  • Industrial automation




Input Voltage DC 4.5V ~ 20V
Static Current <50uA
Output Signal 0V / 3V (Output high when motion detected)
Sensing Range 7 meters (120 degree cone)
Delay time 8s ~ 200s (adjustable)
Operating Temperature -15℃ ~ +70℃
Dimensions 24mm*32mm*25mm(Height with lens)
Weight 6.6g




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