The RoboMaster Development Board Type A is a highly flexible controller board designed to be used in a wide range of robotics projects. It is compatible with the RoboMaster Development Board Type BRoboMaster Development Board OLED, RoboMaster M3508 and M2006 Brushless DC Gear Motors.



Please note this product is not available for Europe currently. We will update it here when it's ready.

The RoboMaster Development Board Type-A features various ports for DIY development, such as 12V/5V/3.3V power ports, CAN port, UART port, variable-voltage PWM port, and SWD port. Onboard resources including LED, IMU + E-Compass, and buttons for development and study.

Multiple protection mechanisms including a built-in ESD on PWM interfaces prevent the reverse connection, overvoltage, slow startup, and overcurrent.

The RoboMaster Development Board Type-A can be powered by 4s-6s Li-Po batteries. It is compatible to various devices such as the servo motor, RC receiver, the RoboMsater Referee System, single-axis gyro, ESC, DJI Manifold, PLC, Bluetooth, PC, The RoboMaster Development Board Type-B, the RoboMaster Development Board Type-B, the RoboMaster Development Board OLED, and external Arduino devices.

RoboMaster has built an open-source repo for users and developers on Github, where users can access code and documentation and share their DIY works.

Refined by university engineers around the world through the intensity of theRoboMaster competition, the RoboMaster Development Board Kit benefits users with proven stability and power. Reducing R&D costs while increasingthe stability of embedded systems, it is an invaluable tool for fields such as education and learning, compact and mobile robotics, and IoT. The RoboMaster Development Board Kit is available in three models: Type-A, Type-B, and OLED.

  • Development Board Type A

    Max Voltage:26 V

    Supported Battery Type:4S to 6S LiPo

    Max Operating Current* (continuous):20 A

    Weight:1.54 oz (48 g)

    Dimensions (L×W):3.35×2.28 in (85×58 mm)

    CAN Port:CAN1:6 CAN2:4

    UART Port:4

    BTUART Port:1


    Voltage Adjustable PWM Port:16



    Customizable LED:10

    Customizable Button:1


    Controllable Power Output Port:4

    12V Power Output Port:3

    5V Power Outlet Port:2

    3.3V Power Holes:1

  • Development Board Cables Parameter(Product Name:Connector Type & Cable Type & Length)

    2-Pin XT30 Power Cable:XT30 male / XT30 female & 18 AWG silicon & 450mm

    2-Pin CAN Cable:1.25-mm pitch 2-pin GHR / 1.25-mmpitch 2-pin GHR & 26 AWG flexible flat & 200mm

    2-Pin Cable:2.5-mm pitch 2-pin XH / 2.54-mm pitchDuPont & 24 AWG flexible flat & 200mm

    2-Pin 5V Power Cable:1.25-mm pitch 2-pin / NA & 26 AWG flexible flat & 100mm

    3-Pin PWM Cable :2.54-mm pitch 3-pin / 2.54-mm pitch 3-pin & 26 AWG flexible flat & 200mm

    3-Pin Sensor Cable:2.5-mm pitch 3-pin XH / 2.54-mm pitchDuPont & 26 AWG flexible flat & 200mm

    4-Pin Cable Adapter:1.25-mm pitch 4-pin GHR / 2.54-mmpitch DuPont & 26 AWG flexible flat & 500mm

    4-Pin SWD Cable:1.25-mm pitch 4-pin / 2.54-mm pitchDuPont & 26 AWG flexible flat & 500mm

    4-Pin Cable:1.25-mm pitch 4-pin GHR / 1.25-mmpitch 4-pin GHR & 26 AWG flexible flat & 400mm

    7-Pin OLED Cable:1.25-mm pitch 7-pin GHR / 1.25-mmpitch 7-pin GHR & 26 AWG flexible flat & 150mm

    8-Pin Power Cable Adapter:2.0-mm pitch 8-pin / 1.25-mm pitch 2-pin GHR, XT30 female & 26 AWG flexible flat & 350mm

    10-Pin DuPont Cable:2.54-mm pitch DuPont / 2.54-mm pitch DuPont & 26 AWG flexible flat & 400mm


HSCODE 8543709990
USHSCODE 8471500150


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