IOT-AT3080 development board, external Arduino standard interface, built-in AT command, one-click direct connection to various cloud platforms, simple and flexible, easy to get started. Currently supporting cloud platforms: Alibaba Cloud Alink, SDS, MXCHIP Cloud Fog, e Cloud Home.

The IOT-AT3080 is an AT-based wireless module development board developed by MXCHIP.

The standard Arduino interface is provided externally to support the peripheral debugging function based on the Arduino interface while quickly adding wireless Wi-Fi communication to the legacy device master MCU.

The wireless module EMW3080 has built-in AT firmware, which can quickly and securely connect to various cloud service platforms. Currently supported cloud platforms include: Alibaba Cloud Alink, SDS, MXCHIP Cloud Fog, and Home Cloud.


AT3080 block


  • Module EMW3080

– Integrated Wi-Fi and Cortex-M4F MCU
– Support main frequency up to 133M and 256K RAM
– Optional PCB antenna and external antenna

  • Standard Arduino interface
  • User UART serial port
  • Firmware burning port
  • Button:

– Reset
– Easylink distribution network
– Operation voltage:DC 1.8 V~3.6V

Typical application

The IOT-AT3080 is designed with an Arduino socket for the upper and lower layers, supporting the upper or lower control panel or extended plug-and-play.


HSCODE 8517709000
USHSCODE 85177000
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