We all know what a sensor is, right? A sensor makes "sense" of physical property - it turns something about the physical world into data upon which a system can act. 
Sensors are used today almost everywhere. You can find different types of sensors in our homes, stores, cars, etc. Smoke detectors may use a smoke sensor to detect smoke or fire, a burglar alarm may use ultrasonic sound waves that bounce off moving objects, radar guns bounce microwaves off moving cars. Others still, may detect pressure (barometers) or one’s heart rate (e.g. smart wristband).
All these and many other automation tasks are possible because of sensors. Just select a suitable sensor for your product then sense the world!

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  1. Alcohol Sensor MQ303A
    Alcohol Sensor MQ303A
    SKU 314100009
  2. Photo Reflective Sensor
    Photo Reflective Sensor
    SKU 314020031
  3. Photo interrupter (OS25B10)
    Photo interrupter (OS25B10)
    SKU 314020030
  4. Image
    Tiny PIR Motion sensor module
    SKU 101990032
  5. Image
    Flow switch--MR-W1-P
    SKU 311990002
  6. Image
    Smoke Sensor
    SKU 314100012
  7. Temperature sensor with steel head
    Temperature sensor with steel head
    SKU 314010016
  8. Image
    G5&4" Water Flow Sensor
    SKU 314150004
  9. PIR Motion Sensor - Large Lens version
    PIR Motion Sensor - Large Lens version
    SKU 101020060