One of the keys to saving time on prototyping and DIY projects is to have the right tools at the ready. If you are trying to use “just-ok” tools, or if you find yourself frequently having to borrow tools from others, it’s time for you to find your own. 
Having your own tools is one of the best things you can do because you will use them for so many different projects, and the benefits are unbelievable! In this category, we provide hand tools, CNC parts, 3D printers, soldering tools and electrical testers for makers, electronics engineers, and mechanical engineers. When choosing tools, understand that it’s not worth spending money on cheap tools that are going to stop working in a short amount of time.

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    Soldering Safety Glasses - Transparent
    SKU 406020001
  2. Beam0808 Robot Pack - Blue
    Beam0808 Robot Pack - Blue
    SKU 110990023
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    Soldering Safety Glasses
    SKU TOL05272B
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    USB 2 Serial Converter
    SKU 105990003
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    Mini Hot Glue Gun
    SKU 404130001
  6. Desoldering Wick
    Desoldering Wick
    SKU 404030001
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    Desoldering Pump
    SKU 404090001
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    Soldering Iron Stand
    SKU 404060001
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    Diagonal Pliers
    SKU 404080003
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    Flush Diagonal Cutters
    SKU 404080002
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    SKU 101990003