Compatibility List

The Grove System is fully compatible with Arduino, however there are a lot of development boards came out to the market since Arduino. The list below shows the compatibility of Grove with boards that are most popular. Here are some notes before using this table.
  • The table only tells the hardware compatibility of Grove, and for now we only provide full Grove library for Arduino. For other platforms, users may need to write the library themselves.
  • You may find that there are some Groves compatible with a development board while not marked as compatible in the table. If so, congratulations! You will get a coupon for this finding. Please contact our techsupport team before others.
  • Other than the platforms in the table, the Grove System is also compatible with many other platforms, for more information, please contact with our techsupport team via [email protected].

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SKUProduct NameInterfaceWorking VoltageArduinoRaspberry PiBeagleboneLinkIt 7688 Duomicro:bitWio Link
SKUProduct NameInterfaceWorking VoltageArduinoRaspberry PiBeagleboneLinkIt 7688 Duomicro:bitWio Link
101020056Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ5)Analog5V
101020044Grove - Alcohol SensorAnalog5V
101020010Grove - Ultrasonic RangerDigital3.3V/5V
101020057Grove - Fingerprint SensorUART5V
101020172Grove - Line Finder v1.1Digital3.3V/5V
101020012Grove - Dust SensorDigital5V
101020083Grove - GestureI2C3.3V/5V
101020018Grove - Water SensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020001Grove - HCHO SensorAnalog5V
101020019Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor ProDigital3.3V/5V
101020020Grove - PIR Motion SensorDigital3.3V/5V
111020002Grove - High Temperature SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020023Grove - Sound SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020074Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (High-Accuracy & Mini)I2C3.3V/5V
101020046Grove - Hall SensorDigital5V
101020042Grove - 80cm Infrared Proximity SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020026Grove - Infrared EmitterDigital3.3V/5V
101020052Grove - GSR sensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020212Grove - Temp&Humi Sensor(SHT31)I2C3.3V/5V
101020011Grove - Temp&Humi SensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020051Grove - 3-Axis Analog AccelerometerI2C3.3V/5V
101020192Grove - Barometer Sensor (BMP280)I2C3.3V/5V
101020341Grove - I2C Color Sensor v2.0I2C3.3V/5V
101020080Grove - IMU 9DOF v2.0I2C3.3V/5V
101020175Grove - IR Distance Interrupter v1.2Digital3.3V/5V
101020033Grove - Ear-clip Heart Rate SensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020174Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor v1.2Digital3.3V/5V
101020132Grove - Light Sensor v1.2Analog3.3V/5V
101020008Grove - Moisture SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020015Grove - Temperature SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020063Grove - Loudness SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020016Grove - Infrared ReceiverDigital3.3V/5V
101020031Grove - Piezo Vibration SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020078Grove - Air quality sensor v1.3Analog3.3V/5V
101020037Grove - Touch SensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020030Grove - Digital Light SensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020013Grove - RTCI2C3.3V/5V
101020054Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g)I2C3.3V/5V
101020173Grove - Light Sensor(P) v1.1Analog3.3V/5V
101020000Grove - Serial Camera KitUART5V
101020089Grove - Sunlight SensorI2C3.3V/5V
101020088Grove - Multichannel Gas SensorI2C3.3V/5V
101020252Grove - IMU 10DOF v2.0I2C3.3V/5V
101020076Grove - Luminance SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020055Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ2)Analog5V
101020027Grove - Electricity SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020068Grove - Barometer (High-Accuracy)I2C3.3V/5V
105020012Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer&GyroscopeI2C3.3V/5V
101020039Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g)I2C3.3V/5V
101020002Grove - Gas Sensor(O2)Analog5V
101020062Grove - Infrared Temperature SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020232Grove - Speech Recognizer v1.0Digital3.3V/5V
101020193Grove - Barometer Sensor(BME280)I2C3.3V/5V
101020067Grove - CO2 SensorUART5V
101020045Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ9)Analog5V
101020043Grove - UV SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020058Grove - EMG DetectorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020049Grove - Flame SensorDigital5V
101020077Grove - Digital Infrared Temperature SensorI2C3.3V/5V
101020082Grove - Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor with shellI2C3.3V/5V
101020006Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ3)Analog5V
101020050Grove - 3-Axis Digital GyroI2C3.3V/5V
102020083Grove - High Precision RTCI2C3.3V/5V
101020005Grove - Collision SensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020047Grove - I2C Touch SensorI2C3.3V/5V
103020024Grove - Finger-clip Heart Rate SensorI2C3.3V/5V
103020030Grove – Mouse EncoderDigital3.3V/5V
101020081Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer&Compass v2.0I2C3.3V/5V
101020312Grove - Heelight SensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020071Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±400g)I2C3.3V/5V
101020069Grove - Q Touch SensorI2C3.3V/5V
101020353Grove - Mini PIR Motion SensorDigital3.3V
101020009Grove - Line FinderDigital3.3V/5V
105020005Grove - EL DriverDigital3.3V/5V
104030009Grove - White LEDDigital3.3V/5V
104030010Grove - Blue LEDDigital3.3V/5V
104030005Grove - Red LEDDigital3.3V/5V
104030007Grove - Green LEDDigital3.3V/5V
104030014Grove - Multi Color Flash LED (5mm)Digital3.3V/5V
104020001Grove - Variable Color LEDDigital3.3V/5V
105020002Grove - LED Strip DriverDigital3.3V/5V
104030013Grove - Circular LEDDigital5V
104020005Grove - LED String LightDigital3.3V/5V
104020048Grove - Chainable RGB LED v2.0Digital3.3V/5V
101020091Grove - Mini Track ballI2C3.3V/5V
101020048Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor(P)Analog3.3V/5V
101020004Grove - Switch(P)Digital3.3V/5V
111020000Grove - Button(P)Digital3.3V/5V
101020036Grove - Slide PotentiometerAnalog3.3V/5V
101020003Grove - ButtonDigital3.3V/5V
101020028Grove - Thumb JoystickAnalog3.3V/5V
101020038Grove - Magnetic SwitchDigital3.3V/5V
101020017Grove - Rotary Angle SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020025Grove - Tilt SwitchDigital3.3V/5V
111020001Grove - EncoderDigital3.3V/5V
104030001Grove - LCD RGB BacklightI2C3.3V/5V
104030008Grove - OLED Display 0.96''I2C3.3V/5V
104030003Grove - 4-Digit DisplayDigital3.3V/5V
104020006Grove LED Bar v2.0Digital3.3V/5V
104030011Grove - OLED Display 1.12''I2C3.3V/5V
113020008Grove - Serial Bluetooth v3.0UART5V
113020003Grove - GPSUART3.3V/5V
113020002Grove - 125KHz RFID ReaderUART5V
113020001Grove - 315MHz Simple RF Link KitUART5V
107020006Grove - I2C FM ReceiverI2C3.3V/5V
113020010Grove - Uart WifiUART3.3V/5V
113020006Grove - NFCI2C3.3V/5V
113060000Grove - 433MHz Simple RF link kitDigital3.3V/5V
113060006Grove - LoRa Radio 868MHzUART3.3V/5V
113020007Grove - BLEUART3.3V/5V
113060007Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHzUART3.3V/5V
113020009Grove - BLE (dual model)UART3.3V/5V
113020000Grove - Serial RF ProUART5V
101020070Grove - NFC TagI2C3.3V/5V
103020005Grove - RelayDigital3.3V/5V
107020000Grove - BuzzerDigital3.3V/5V
107020001Grove - SpeakerDigital5V
101020073Grove - ElectromagnetDigital5V
316010005Grove - ServoDigital5V
107020029Grove - Recorder v3.0Digital3.3V/5V
103020014Grove - Dry-Reed RelayDigital3.3V/5V
105020001Grove - I2C Motor DriverI2C3.3V/5V
107020008Grove - MP3 v2.0Digital5V
105020003Grove - Vibration MotorDigital3.3V/5V
108020021Grove - Mini Fan v1.1Digital3.3V/5V
105020010Grove - I2C Mini Motor DriverI2C3.3V/5V
103020012Grove - SPDT Relay(30A)Digital5V
101020090Grove - Water Atomization v1.0Digital5V
103020010Grove - 2-Coil Latching RelayDigital5V
105020011Grove - Haptic MotorI2C3.3V/5V
103020004Grove - Solid State RelayDigital3.3V/5V
103020007Grove - Screw TerminalDigital3.3V/5V
103020008Grove - MOSFETDigital3.3V/5V
103020006Grove - I2C HubI2C3.3V/5V
101020035Grove - ProtoshieldOthers3.3V/5V
104020000Grove - Voltage DividerAnalog3.3V/5V
103020011Grove - RJ45 AdapterOthers3.3V/5V
103020013Grove - I2C ADCI2C3.3V/5V
103020000Grove - DMX512Digital3.3V/5V
103020016Grove - Differential AmplifierOthers3.3V/5V
103020002Grove - Bee SocketUART3.3V/5V
103020009Grove - NunchuckI2C5V
101020034[EOL]-Grove - 3-Axis Digital CompassI2C3.3V/5V
101020040[EOL]-Grove - IR Distance InterrupterDigital3.3V/5V
101020014[EOL]-Grove - Light SensorAnalog3.3V/5V
101020029[EOL]-Grove - Infrared Reflective SensorDigital3.3V/5V
101020072[EOL]-Grove - Barometer Sensor (BMP180)I2C3.3V/5V
101020087[EOL]-Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor(HDC1000)I2C3.3V/5V
101020022[EOL]-Grove - Light Sensor(P)Analog3.3V/5V
101020032[EOL]-Grove - Barometer SensorI2C3.3V/5V
101020053[EOL]-Grove - Single Axis Analog GyroAnalog3.3V/5V
104030006[EOL]-Grove - Chainable RGB LEDDigital3.3V/5V
104020002[EOL]-Grove - Purple LED (3mm)Digital3.3V/5V
105020013[EOL]-Grove - LED Matrix Driver v1.0UART3.3V/5V
107020005[EOL]-Grove - FM ReceiverDigital3.3V/5V
103020018[EOL]-Grove - RecorderDigital3.3V/5V
105020004[EOL]-Grove - Mini FanDigital3.3V/5V
101020079[EOL]-Grove - IMU 10DOFI2C3.3V/5V
101020041[EOL]-Grove - I2C Color SensorI2C3.3V/5V