Special $1 PCB

Base Material
FR-4 is the most commonly used material for PCBs. One sided aluminum boards have traces on one side and bare aluminium on the other. They are good for heat dissipation. For multi-layer aluminium PCBs please use the Advanced service. Flexible Printed Circuit boards (FPC) are much thinner than FR-4 and can be bent to some extent. Learn More

This page is for special $1 PCBs orders only. Get 3 pieces of one or two layer PCBs in various colors and thicknesses for just $1 (excluding shipping). Quality and customer care are the same as the regular service. Board dimensions must be within 100 x 100mm to qualify for the special price. Only one $1 order per shipment, additional 3 piece orders in the shopping cart will be charged at $4.90. Special offer ends October 31 (GMT+8).

Looking for more options or PCB assembly services? Check out the Seeed Fusion standard PCB/PCBA or Advanced PCB services.

Please do not leave special requirements on the order form. This is for logistics purposes only and will be ignored during the production stage.

To save on disappointment, please double check your design files for errors in our Online Gerber Viewer or otherwise. We will not be held responsible for errors in the files. Visit the Fusion FAQ for our specification, guides, tips and tricks and important design considerations.

Seeed Fusion's privacy policy protects your data. We will not disclose your personal information or fabrication data with external parties for any purpose other than for the manufacture of your goods. You are of course, welcome to share your designs with the open community in the Fusion Gallery . Here, anyone can download your design, modify or manufacture them for their own purposes.

PCB Cost

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Stencil Cost

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Expedited Cost

This is a rush order option, which for speeding up the PCB production time.
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Your final payment is subject to review for the component(s) that our system cannot match.

Orders placed on this page are for special 3 piece orders only.

Only one 3 piece order per shipment will be charged at $1.

Additional orders will be charged at $4.90 for 3 pieces. Please check the final prices in your shopping cart.

Offer ends October 31 (GMT+8)