Base Material
FR-4 is the most commonly used material for PCBs. One sided aluminum boards have traces on one side and bare aluminium on the other. They are good for heat dissipation. For multi-layer aluminium PCBs please use the Advanced service. Flexible Printed Circuit boards (FPC) are much thinner than FR-4 and can be bent to some extent. Learn More

PCB Assembly

FREE Express shipping for PCBA

After assembly, each PCBA will undergo visual inspection to gauge assembly quality, e.g. solder joints and component placement. You will receive a report detailing the results of the inspection. This service comes free with all PCBA assembled in Fusion.

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Functional testing is a paid service that verifies that the assembled device functions as intended as per the design. You will be asked to supply additional documents on how the PCBA is expected to perform. More information.

The contents of the file must be as shown.

  • We only recognize commas to distinguish the designator.
  • The designator should be ≤ Qty.
  • MPN is the Manufactured Part Number, NOT Digikey or Mouser Part Numer.
  • Do not include components in the BOM that you do not need us to solder onto the boards.
DesignatorMPN/Seeed SKUQty
LocationMPN/Seeed SKUQuantity
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There are {{ bomResultCount+bomEnquiryCount }} component(s) in your BOM, while there are {{ bomEnquiryCount }} component(s) which we cannot match. Please fill the purchase link in the blank, select and add to cart. We will come back to you with exact quotation in one WD.Please make sure you have logged in so we can send you email.
 DesignatorMPNQuantityPurchase Link
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Component providerDesignatorManufacturePart NumberSeeed SKUDescriptionQuantityWaste quantityWaste materialQuanity required
Customer{{ item.designator }}{{ item.mpn }}{{ item.sku }}{{ item.description }}{{ item.qty }}{{ item.waste_qty }}{{ item.waste_qty*1 + item.need_qty*1 }}
 Component providerDesignatorMPNSeeedSKUDescriptionQuantityWaste quantityUnit PriceAmount
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{{ item.qty }} * {{ bomQty }}/
MPNDescriptionUnit PriceAmountActions
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Seeed{{ item.designator }}{{ item.mpn}}{{ item.sku }}{{ item.description }}{{ item.qty}} * {{ bomQty }}{{ item.waste_qty }}{{ item.unit_price }}{{ item.unit_price * item.qty * bomQty + item.waste_qty * item.unit_price | formatNumberFixed 2}}
Seeed{{ item.designator }}{{ item.mpn}}{{ item.sku }}{{ item.description }}{{ item.qty}} * {{ bomQty }}{{ item.waste_qty }}{{ item.unit_price }}{{ item.unit_price * item.qty * bomQty + item.waste_qty * item.unit_price | formatNumberFixed 2}}

SMT Stencil

For special requirements not available on this page, please try the Advanced PCB service. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please send your requirements and manufacturing files to us at pcb@seeed.cc and we will come back to you with a price. Please do not leave us special requirements in the order form. This is for logistics purposes only and will be ignored during the production stage.

To save on disappointment, please double check your design for errors in our Online Gerber Viewer or otherwise. We will not be held responsible for errors in the files. We strongly advise all customers to first visit the Fusion FAQ for more information.

If you still need help with your order, please contact us at order@seeed.cc and we will aim to reply to you within one working day.

Fusion offers one stop prototyping services for PCB (Printed Circuit Board), PCBA (PCB Assembly) and other electronic and mechanical customized services such as CNC milling, 3D printing and PCB layout services. Seeed Fusion promises mature PCB manufacturing and fabrication with low costs, quick build time and 100% quality guaranteed. We are a Chinese manufacturer trusted by millions of electronic engineers, hobbyist and makers around the world. And here's why:
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PCB Cost

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  • Setup Cost
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  • Consumptive Material Cost
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  • Assembly Cost
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  • Component Cost
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  • Operation Fee
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Stencil Cost

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  • PCB Dimensions{{ stencilResult.s_dimensions_name }}
  • Stencil Quantity{{ stencilResult.s_qty }}
  • Fiducial Mark{{ stencilResult.s_fiducial.name }}
  • Thickness{{ stencilResult.s_thickness.name }}mm
  • Polishing Techniques{{ stencilResult.s_polishing.name }}

Expedited Cost

This is a rush order option, which for speeding up the PCB production time.
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Your final payment is subject to review for the component(s) that our system cannot match.