Note: If you have any questions related to the below subjects, please submit it to our Technical Support. We would reply you soon.

Seeed designed Products

Most information (documentation, specification, datasheets, software, design files etc..) for our own products are available for download on each product's page (Navigate to Wiki link).

The design files and other resources are available under open source licenses for most products.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are archived at Products FAQ Page and Seeed Forum. Please search there before posting.

We have a small team that manages the Technical Support. Seeed does not provide consultation services. If you need advice on designing your project or if you are having a

problem with something, please submit it to Seeed Technical Support Forum. You would get great help from the community.

Technical Support can only help suggest products to purchase, and ensure that those products are working as expected.While asking for technical support please provide

detailed information about your setup (Product Name & Version, Photo of hardware Setup, connection diagram, Software Library used, Software IDE used etc..). This will help

us reproduce the issue at our environment and provide you a quick solution.

Collaborative designer's Products

Seeed sells products designed by collaborative designers. We manufacture these products on behalf of designers. Please request technical support for such products from

designer's website / email. A link to designer's website is always provided at the end of product page.

Third party Products

We also resell popular MCU development boards, single-board computers, sensors and different components manufactured by others. Technical support for such products

are provided by original manufacturer.

Please send mail to [email protected] for technical support and product quality issue, the mail should contain information of product SKU No./product name and where

you ordered the product.