Sustainability at Seeed Studio

Over the years, Seeed Studio has proudly supported projects and initiatives with positive social and environmental impact. We firmly believe that open technology is a major tool to help solve many of the world’s problem today and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why Bother with Sustainability?

Sustainability entails “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”, according to the United Nations. Ensuring sustainability is crucial for preserving the quality of life, biodiversity, and the health of resource-rich ecosystems on Earth.

With the mission to “Empower Everyone to Achieve Their Digital Transformation Goals” (which shares similar values with SDGs’ Motto of “Leave No One Behind”), Seeed Studio is devoted to using open source technologies for accelerating the SDGs with multi-stakeholders from UN agencies, academia, companies, CSOs, governments, public/private organizations, and so on.

Where We Focus?

Seeed is as committed to sustainability as we are to developing great products for the community. We create a vast library of open-source hardware which is constantly growing; we build new features and tools with social and environmental impact in mind; we strive to empower our users to support the causes they care about……

Products and Programs

Seeed Studio has been providing all types of AIoT, IIoT, edge computing, open source hardware products and Seeed Fusion services to help businesses, nonprofit organizations, conservationists, citizens, and makers in accelerating the SDGs.

Seeed has launched the open call for “Tech4Good Bounty Program” for all open tech communities to contribute to achieving the SDGs, calling for open tech communities’ strengths, skill sets, and resources for meaningful causes.

So, if you’re from NGOs, UN agencies, academia, and foundations working on project related to SDGs 2030, Open Innovation, Decentralized Tech, Equitable Equality, and Sustainable Communities, PLEASE DON’T BE SHY TO CONTACT US for collaborations!


We are proud to partner with global community groups to support initiatives that promote sustainability and social responsibility. Seeed has made impressive strides toward supporting the SDGs by developing a comprehensive program of events and activities centered around them, ranging from seminars and workshops to community outreach events and engaging online campaigns.

Our Sustainability Approach


We understand that sustainability is not just about reducing our environmental footprint – it’s also about making a positive impact on our communities. This thought is deeply rooted in our values for co-creation of sustainable and scalable AIoT solutions through bottom-up innovation. Our partnerships focus on giving back to the communities in which we operate, such as sponsoring local environmental initiatives, supporting educational programs that promote conservation and sustainability, and donating to charitable causes aligned with our values.


At our company, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a commitment we take seriously. We have implemented various measures to reduce our carbon footprint, such as implementing recycling programs and going digital wherever possible. We also encourage our employees to minimize their environmental impact, prioritize their well-being by providing a healthy and sustainable work environment.

Upcycle Program

Aiming to reduce waste and encourage sustainable resource usage, the Upcycle program collect products that have not been used and make them available on our internal channel. Employees can apply for these products to use them for learning, self-building, and more, thus maximizing their potential before being discarded while fostering a culture of reuse and innovation.

$7,000 worth of products have a second life and continue to provide value to our company.

Energy Efficient Lighting

We’ve replaced all our lights with energy efficient LED lighting, significantly reducing our energy consumption and associated emissions. This change has not only reduced our energy costs but also improved the quality of light in our workplace. Additionally, we have installed smart lighting system to automatically turn off lights when not in use, ensuring that energy is not wasted unnecessarily.

Smart AC

By implementing a smart air conditioning system to optimize the cooling process, which can be controlled remotely through mobile devices, providing optimal comfort while saving energy.

Encourage Responsible Consumption

As part of our commitment to promoting responsible consumption at our company, we have established an internal flea market group, creating a platform for employees to exchange goods in a sustainable and responsible way. Employees within our company can post items that are still in good condition but no longer needed on the flea market group, allowing others within the company the opportunity to purchase these items at a reduced cost.

Reduce Paper Usage

We have implemented measures to reduce our paper usage, such as utilizing electronic documentation in daily operations, including invoices and receipts. All company communications, including memos and meeting notes, are encouraged to be digitized, thus reducing the need to print and advancing our sustainability efforts.

SDG Training

We provide internal training on SDGs for our employees. The training is designed to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities presented by the SDGs, promote the integration of sustainable business practices, and foster a culture of sustainability throughout our organization.


We’re dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment and being responsible stewards of the resources we use, from adopting eco-friendly manufacturing process to implementing energy-efficient practices in our operations. We implement sustainable measures in our factory management, such as optimizing production schedules for energy efficiency. We prioritize material usage and aim to reduce waste by minimizing unnecessary packaging. Our commitment to sustainability also includes extensive product testing to ensure we meet and exceed industry standards for environmental performance and safety. We remain committed to minimizing our environmental footprint while still delivering high-quality products to our customers.

Supply Chain

Our commitment to sustainability in our supply chain is crucial to achieving our overall goal of reducing our environmental impact while promoting sustainable practices throughout our industry. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they meet our high standards for environmental impact. For example, we work with our logistics partners to minimize our transportation carbon footprint, such as optimizing routes and reducing empty shipping.

Where to Next?

“Where to next?” is an essential question for our company’s sustainability journey. We are committed to ongoing improvement, and we know that there is always more to be done. Our sustainability webpage is just the beginning, and we are excited to share our progress and future plans with you. Stay tune!

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