Introducing Maker Camp in Shenzhen

Powered by Seeed Studio; Co-create meaningful and open source hardware projects in Shenzhen; Explore tech ecosystem frontier; Join maker network for scaling.

Maker culture has been on the rise in recent years, and Shenzhen has been leading the way in innovation. Each year, Seeed Studio and Chaihuo Makerspace welcome global makers to explore Shenzhen’s tech ecosystem and abundant community resources. At the beginning of 2024, Seeed Studio officially launches the “Maker Camp in Shenzhen” program, an international innovation initiative aiming to integrate Shenzhen’s abundant supply chain resources, electronic technology facilities, rapid prototyping capabilities, and extensive open-source community network, providing an unparalleled platform for in-depth collaboration and project implementation for university teams and innovation practitioners worldwide.

Maker Camp in Shenzhen is a unique opportunity for makers to explore the tech ecosystem in Shenzhen and engage in hands-on learning experiences while creating open-source, hardware-based projects that can positively impact society.

What's in the Mix?

Dreaming of leveraging world-class supply chains, electronic technologies, rapid prototyping services, and a rich open-source community for your project or research? “Maker Camp in Shenzhen” connects your dreams with the limitless possibilities of Shenzhen. Participants in the project will have the opportunity to understand the intricacies of manufacturing processes and supply chain management, learning how to harness these resources to create innovative projects. By sharing their knowledge and developments, they can empower the maker community to learn from their experiences.

Maker Camp in Shenzhen is not just about creating innovative projects – it also offers workshops, hackathons, and other sessions to help participants experience the latest in technical solutions and hone their skills. Additionally, participants will collaborate with talented makers from around the world, sharing knowledge, skills, and building a global network of support.

We cherish the sharing and inheritance of each innovative story. Each team participating in “Maker Camp” will document their experiences on GitHub with a unique number (e.g., “2401”, “2402”, “2501”), creating valuable digital footprints and providing a treasure trove of practical experience and learning for the global maker community.

What Seeed Offers

Our Offerings Include, but Are Not Limited To:

  • Factory Visits: In-depth understanding of the processes and logic behind manufacturing.
  • Technical Training: Providing participants with hands-on experience of the latest technological solutions through workshops and Hackathons.
  • Co-Create: Potential opportunity to transform your creative ideas into profitable products.
  • Sharing and Summary: Acting as a bridge for project sharing and connecting with potential collaborators.

Excited? Join us now and unlock a world of possibilities!

Sharing is Caring!

The program aims to unite makers in exploring Shenzhen’s tech ecosystem, participating in hands-on learning experiences, and collaboratively crafting open-source hardware projects with a positive societal impact. Crucially, we encourage everyone to actively participate by documenting and sharing their Shenzhen experiences, whether related to manufacturing, supply chain, academic knowledge, new materials, or developments (words, photos, videos—all forms of expression are welcomed). This collective effort empowers the community to glean insights and knowledge from diverse experiences.

All contributions will be showcased on Seeed Studio’s GitHub Channel

How to Participate?

Prepare your ideas, form your team, and head to our official site to register. We can’t wait to see your creative sparks shining in Shenzhen!

Guidelines for Content Organization and Contribution

We encourage participants to adhere to a standardized naming convention and categorization when uploading their content to GitHub. The suggested naming format is “Participation Term – Organization-Name,” for example, “2401-MIT-Ellie.” In terms of categorization, we recommend organizing content under specific themes like factory production, electronic resources, community resources, or other observations. This practice ensures clarity, consistency, and efficient organization of shared information.

Additionally, if you come across any original documents with missing sections and wish to enhance them, please don’t hesitate to reference that document in your uploaded content. Your contributions to improving and completing the existing documentation are highly valued.

That concludes today’s update! Get ready for an exciting announcement – the first episode of Maker Camp in Shenzhen, labeled as “2401,” is on its way to you very soon. Stay connected and keep an eye out for more updates!

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