Dobot- Advanced Educational Plan
Shake hands with future
SeeedStudio BBGW IOT Developer Kit
An IOT Developer Prototyping Kit for Google Cloud Platform
Quirkbot Robotic Creatures Kit
Everything you need to get started with the Ultimate maker toy
Raspberry Pi Motor Board v1.0
Based on the Freescale MC33932 dual H-Bridge Power IC, which can control inductive loads with currents up to 5.0A peak per single bridge.
RePhone Strap Kit for Pebble Time
We integrate the slim and small Rephone modules Xadow GPS v2 and Xadow NFC v2, into Pebble's existing ecosystem, help improve its capability from the perspective of adding built-in electronics.
5 Inch BBG LCD Cape with Resistive Touch
Very easy to set up as you only need to attach it directly onto your BBG/BBB through the 2x46 pin headers

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