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      SDP Mini RPlidar Experimental Platform
      A development platform for evaluating the performance of SLAMWARE solution. $499
      Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit
      Brings endless possibilities to your micro:bit. $59.90
      Hamamatsu micro-Spectrometer
      Has higher resolution and greater sensitivity and is recommended for future designs. $395.00
      ReSpeaker Mic Array
      Can be stacked right onto the top of ReSpeaker Core to significantly improve the voice interaction experience. $79.00
      Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
      The third generation Raspberry Pi. Launched by element 14
      XBee ZB Embedded SMT RF Module
      provide cost-effective wireless connectivity to end-point devices in ZigBee mesh networks.
      Starter Robot Kit (IR Version)
      a great choice for learning robotics, electronics and Arduino programming.
      A Social Printer for Special People
      Learn how to make a social network printer with LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

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