Agile Manufacturing and
Hardware Customization
From prototype to mass production, accelerate time-to-market with Seeed Fusion
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The One-Stop-Shop for All
Your Hardware Needs
Quality Guaranteed: Free Design for Manufacture (DFM) review for all orders
Premium: Industrial-standard reliability
Advanced: HDI, 30 layers, IPC Class 3, Rogers materials, Rigid-Flex capability and more
One-stop PCB Manufacture, Parts Procurement and Assembly
Quality Guaranteed: Free DFA review and free functional testing for one piece
Pre-Purchase Components and store them in Seeed's facilities until required
Mature supply chain management and global sourcing capabilities
Over 10 SMT assembly lines and 12 years in-house expertise
Free express shipping worldwide
Locally available parts for faster and cheaper PCBA
Turnkey PCBA from as little as 7 working days
Professional laser-cut SMT stencils made to IPC-7525 standards
Wide variety of materials and methods: SLA, SLM, SLS, MFJ printing for nylon, SLA, stainless
steel and more
Professionally finished and only materials of the highest grade used
Mechanical parts for any application: enclosures, structural parts, injection molding, etc.
Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, sheet metal, ABS, acrylic and more
Custom cable and wire harnesses starting from $199 for as little as one piece
Hundreds of materials, connectors and thickness options
Create your own electronics kit from as little as 5 kits
Customize the contents, printed materials and packaging
OEM/ODM/EMS and Design Services
Rich R&D resources and product-to-market experience
Proven expertise with custom Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA, STM based designs and more
Integrated agile manufacturing and supply chain for fast product launches
Over 1000+ successful product launches
Professional PCB layout service with manufacturing support
Schematic capture and PCB library creation
Sales Channels
Sell your product on the Seeed Bazaar and let Seeed handle order processing and shipment
Three selling programs: Groupbuy, Consignment and Licensed Products
Low commission and low risk
Reach thousands of like-minded customers and distributors with Seeed's connections and
social media presence
Utilize Seeed’s Design and Engineering
Expertise and Resources
Proven and Trusted Expertise
Countries Served
Prototypes Built Each Year
Customers Served
Projects Served
What do our customers say?
I've worked with the team at Seeed for years and I have always had nothing but
fantastic service! I have also recommended their services to numerous other
hardware developers and entrepreneurs with nothing but great feedback on
their work quality and customer support. I think Seeed is one of the best
companies out there if you are looking for the affordability of Asian
manufacturing yet with fantastic support. They are not just my favorite PCB
manufacturer but they also offer so many other valuable services from 3D
printing to product assembly. Whether you are looking for a few prototypes or
larger scale production l highly recommend Seeed!
John Teel
Founder & CEO of Predictable Designs