What is a LoRaWAN Gateway?

LoRaWAN is a key technology in the IoT landscape, connecting battery-operated devices to the internet across various networks. This blog focuses on LoRaWAN Gateways, the vital link between end devices and the network server. This blog explores the fundamental aspects of LoRaWAN Gateways, it’s functionality, importance, benefits, and the wide range of IoT applications they support, including smart cities, agriculture, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring.

4 Most Promising LPWAN Connectivity: A Comprehensive Comparison of LoRaWAN, Amazon Sidewalk, Helium, and Cat-M,

In this blog post, we’re sheding the spotlight on four of the most promising and rapidly-emerging LPWAN technologies that are shaping the future of IoT: LoRaWAN, Amazon Sidewalk, Helium, and Cat-M. By delving into their features, real-world applications, and a head-to-head comparison, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of these LPWAN options. Our goal here is to help you ascertain the best LPWAN solution for your IoT needs.

Experience IoT and Robotics with AWS IoT and Seeed Studio at re:Invent 2023

Don’t miss out on the IoT and Robotics sessions at AWS re:Invent! The Experience/IoT@re:Invent Landing Page, created by the AWS IoT team in collaboration with Seeed Studio, offers 45 captivating sessions, 6 interactive project demos, and an immersive live demo to track and locate the AWS IoT team on-site. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technologies and learn from industry experts at this exciting event. Join us to explore the latest trends in IoT and Robotics and have a hands-on experience like no other.

Seeed Studio’s Presence at Hackster Impact Summit: Innovations for Resilient and Smart Cities & Community Spotlights

Explore Seeed Studio’s participation in the upcoming Hackster Impact Summit, a two-day virtual event dedicated to inspiring developers and accelerating technological innovation for smarter cities. Our representative, Violet, will contribute to the “Technology Resiliency in Urban Environments” panel, addressing urban flooding monitoring solutions with SenseCAP for LoRaWAN® and the exploration of drainage formation through LoRaWAN®-enabled environmental monitoring. More importantly, there will be 4 amazing community members (Naveen, Pablo Zuloaga Betancourt, Pradeep, Ivan Arakistain) who will showcase their projects powered by Seeed Studio products, including predictive maintenance systems, climate simulators, and elevator anomaly detection solutions. Be part of the future of technology for smarter, more resilient cities.

Seeed Studio Partners with Traxmate to Offer Seamless Asset Tracking Solutions

Seeed Studio partners with Traxmate to introduce an inclusive range of asset tracking solutions, prominently featuring the compact LoRaWAN Tracker, SenseCAP T1000. This card-sized tracker, powered by Semtech’s LR1110 chipset, ensures precise indoor and outdoor tracking using GNSS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies. With adaptive capabilities, local data storage, and an extended battery life, SenseCAP T1000 is a versatile solution equipped with integrated sensors for temperature, light, and motion monitoring. Traxmate contributes a robust tracking data processing hub, showcased at The Things Conference. This partnership aims to make advanced asset tracking accessible across industries through innovative, scalable solutions.


May 2024