Seeed Launches “Project Repository of IoT2Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022” – Available for Free Downloads!

We’re happy to officially launch the “Project Repository of IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022” today, which is a corporate report that congregated and summarized last year’s winner projects and other noteworthy projects from the IoT2Wild Contest.

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Howdy, folks! How’s your February treating you so far? From our side at Seeed, we’ve been working around the clock for months to officially launch “Project Repository of IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022” today! This is a corporate report that congregated and summarized last year’s winner projects and other noteworthy projects from the IoT2Wild Contest.


Whether you’re environmentalists, conservationists, makers, engineers, policy makers, partnership facilitators, CEOs, CTOs, or other amazing professionals from all types of sectors and spaces, this report can serve you as a reliable and useful guiding star in exploring the unlimited, unknown, and underappreciated potential of AIoT (AI+IoT) technologies for addressing the most serious, urgent, and technologically-contributable challenges of the whole humanity.



So, what kinds of sustainability topics are addressed in the report? 5 biggest sustainability challenges in total, all of which contain several sub-challenges. Let me introduce some of the most eye-opening, inspirational projects that might spark your interest:


Challenge 1: Climate Crisis Prevention/Mitigation

🟢 Volcano Activity Monitoring System for Residents and Climber (Tri Susanto)

🟢 Weather Balloon “Mining” Using Blockchain and IoT (Nicolas Lopez)

🟢 Smart Lake – Early Detection of Algae Bloom (Mithun Das, Sashrika Das)


Challenge 2: Wildlife/Biodiversity Conservation

🟢 Wildlife Sanctuary Monitor (Hendra Kusumah)

🟢 IoT AI-Driven Tree Disease Identifier w/ Edge Impulse & MMS (Kutluhan Aktar)

🟢 Fight Fire 🔥 – Wild Fire Prediction Using TinyML 🧠 (MUHAMMED ZAIN & Salman Faris)

🟢 Penguin Counting and Monitoring (Richard Wright)

🟢 Project Agouti (Team Enigma: Yiding Song, Dylan K)

🟢 Study of Animal Movement: Equipment Design and Development (Laila Kazimierski, Alejandro Kolton, Erika Kubisch, Karina Laneri, Maru Echave, Nicolas Catalano, David Fernando Cordova Mora, Andres Oliva, Guillermo Abramson)


Challenge 3: Marine Conservation

🟢 Plastic Bottle Detector For Lake (JuanYi)

🟢 MonSand: Monitoring Illegal Sand Mining (Raunak Singh)


Challenge 4: Open Science

🟢 NOMOS: Mosquito Growth Monitoring System (Rifqi Abdillah)

🟢 DeViridi: IoT Food Spoilage Sensor and Monitoring Dashboard (Ashwin Sridhar)

🟢 Smart UV Meter – Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure Monitoring (Thorsten)


Challenge 5: Sustainable Agriculture

🟢 AgroLoRa (EdOliver, Victor Altamirano)

🟢 Wireless Monitoring System for GHGs Emissions in Paddy Field (JAmes Woods)

🟢 Black Soldier Fly Farming – Creating Protein Content (Team Tanzania Open Innovation: Shaukatali Hussein, Sahil Abdulalim)

🟢 FarmBOX (Team FarmBOX: Michael Reeves, Richard Fox)


*For an exhaustive list of projects, download the report to check them out! 😉


One more thing, did you know that Seeed has been running an on-going product sponsorship program for sustainability projects, for which you can actually reach out and have a chance to deploy Seeed’s IoT products? We’re doing this because our passion lies in facilitating you to apply Seeed’s latest AIoT technologies to solve real-world challenges in the wild, towards creating a less unsustainable planet.


So, if you’re from NGOs, UN agencies, academia, and foundations working on project scale-ups or research papers on any of the following topics below, PLEASE DON’T BE SHY TO CONTACT our Sustainability and CSR ManagerYe Seong SHIN – through LinkedIn and email ( for collaborations! She’s the right person to chat with, especially when it comes down to SDGs 2030, Open Innovation, Decentralized Tech, Equitable Equality, and Sustainable Communities. Don’t forget to check out how our industrial-grade IoT sensors and devices (SenseCAP) can actually do for your sustainability projects:


Last but not least, we believe that open tech can leverage more positive transformations for our ultimate pursuit: harmony of nature, humans, animals, and biodiversity. We hope that open tech – defined by a set of principles for decentralized tech, transparency, collaboration, community-spirit, agile prototyping and scale-ups – can lay an important foundation for accelerating the achievement of the UN’s 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by enabling bottom-up innovations all around the world. Enjoy the read!



If you’re new to Seeed, make sure to check us out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, and our Open Tech Project Hub on Hackster. Through following us on these SNS channels, you’ll be able to get access to the latest AIoT updates and trend analysis on how to use #tech4good. We shall be looking forward to, yet another, new year filled with collaborative SDG projects with you.

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