AI-Driven Video Analytics for Automotive Dealer Warehouse Security

Effective intruder detection is crucial for large organizations, and the automotive industry is no exception. Prassel, an Italian software solutions provider for security and safety, has deployed a successful intruder detection system across 20 warehouses and logistics facilities of a large automotive dealer.

Seeed hardware: reComputer J2021, powered by NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX.
Use Case Providers: Prassel
Application: Loss Prevention and Security Management

Industry: Warehouse Logistics
Deployment Project: Italy


With the rapid development of AI and computer vision, businesses with large warehouse and logistics facilities, such as automotive dealers, seek reliable video analytics solutions for 24/7 security. Intruder detection is a critical factor in this area. Seeed Studio’s reComputer and Prassel’s expertise have come together to offer MagicBox, an AI-driven video analytics system that leverages the power of reComputer J2021 of Jetson Xavier NX for offering fast, accurate efficient execution of AI algorithms, delivering advanced intruder detection capabilities.


Deploying an intruder detection system across multiple geographically dispersed sites can be a challenge for large organizations. When deploying the system, three key concerns emerged:

  1. Avoiding additional installations to minimize changes to the pre-existing security network;
  2. Utilizing the existing camera system for intrusion detection both in the external perimeter and internal areas across 20 sites;
  3. Ensuring that the system only triggers analysis of intrusion events caused by people, excluding false alarms caused by wild animals, particularly at night.


MagicBox provides access to a suite of sophisticated algorithms, including:

  • Object Detection: Automatically identify, detect, and track objects of interest within live or recorded video streams.
  • Line Crossing: Draw virtual boundaries and detect when objects or individuals cross these lines, useful for monitoring entry and exit points.
  • Privacy Mask: Obscure faces or other sensitive elements in video footage to meet privacy regulations.
  • Smoke and Fire Detection: Quickly identify the presence of smoke and flames in indoor and outdoor environments, and assess the presence of people in the vicinity for safety and evidence purposes.

By integrating both IP and thermal cameras(also capable of schedule analysis and remotely managing I/O modules such as sirens and light signals), it provides continuous analysis of footage with automatic notification of events, inclusive of a snapshot, or is relayed to connected devices like sirens, intrusion control units, and alarm systems through Modbus protocol outputs.

By quickly recognizing specific conditions with the ability to create rules for the automatic activation of analysis and countermeasures, MagicBox improves real-time threatening event management, reduces false alarms, speeds up emergency responses, and provides valuable business insights.

User Interface

The MagicBox system is powered by Prassel’s proprietary software interface, which is used to configure the analysis and review detected events. The design of the software interface is simple and user-friendly, making it easy for users to quickly set up and manage their security systems.

MagicBox: video analysis with Artificial Intelligence

Plug & Play Artificial Intelligence to perform advanced video analysis on live and recorded video streams – fully integrated into the ViMS Suite or available as a stand-alone solution.

Why reComputer 

Seeed reComputer J2021 with the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module is the hardware solution used in MagicBox. Its high AI performance and rich I/O options allow for fast and accurate video analytics. The reComputer’s versatility across different industries makes it a convenient solution for businesses looking to improve their video analysis capabilities. 

J2021 is a hand-size edge AI box built with Jetson Xavier NX 8GB module which delivers up to 21 TOPs AI performance, a rich set of IOs including USB 3.1 ports(4x), M.2 key E for WIFI, M.2 Key M for SSD, RTC, CAN, Raspberry Pi GPIO 40-pin, and so on, aluminum case, cooling fan, pre-installed JetPack System, as NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit alternative, ready for your next AI application development and deployment


MagicBox has resulted in a 90% reduction in intrusion attempts and has provided timely alerts to prevent tampering and intrusion attempts. The solution has also streamlined investigations by quickly detecting contextual evidence. The unified management of intrusion events across 20 sites made it easier to identify critical areas for video analytics.

“The results achieved are excellent! The project had an extremely fast commissioning time, and the overall costs were effectively contained. A brilliant choice that is going to give the security system an extra edge!”

 feedback from Prassel

About Prassel

Prassel is an Italian company with decades of experience in developing software solutions for security and safety. They design software solutions, transfer expertise, and support partners and customers, ensuring cost containment and security investment enhancement. They have been on the market since 2007 with their PSIM platform ViMS Technology and in 2020 they published MagicBox – an innovative Plug and Play solution that allows advanced video analysis with Artificial Intelligence on the video streams of any video camera.

Prassel also offers VMS & PSIM solutions for the centralization of Safety & Security that enable powerful operational synergies between video analytics, access control, license plate reading, and alarm management systems. Suite or available as a stand-alone solution.

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