Empowering Sustainable Futures with AIoT: Seeed Studio’s Innovations Shine at UNU AI Conference 2024

UNU AI Conference 2024, held under the theme “AI for All: Bridging Divides, Building a Sustainable Future,” concluded successfully at the iconic Macau Tower on April 25, 2024. Hosted by the United Nations University Institute in Macau (UNU Macau), the event brought together nearly 500 participants from governments, businesses, academia, and civil society, representing over 30 countries. As one of the proud exhibitors, Seeed Studio had the opportunity to showcase our latest advancements to a global audience with a firm commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI technology.

UNU Artificial Intelligence Network

The conference, structured around 26 sessions across three thematic tracks—AI to Accelerate SDGs, AI Governance for the Future, and AI and Capacity Building—offered a rich platform for dialogue and collaboration. A highlight moment was the launch of the UNU Global AI Network, a collaborative platform initiated by UNU and its partners. Seeed Studio was honored to be part of the network, reaffirming its dedication to addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by AI on a global scale through collaborative efforts. With over 30 member organizations, the network symbolized a collective commitment to leveraging AI for positive social impact and sustainable development.

Seeed Presented the Latest AI Innovations

Central to Seeed Studio’s showcase was the captivating demonstration titled “Rhapsody of TinyML and Local LLMs.” Combining SenseCAP Watcher and Nvidia Jetson Orin AGX, this exhibit illuminated a trendy architecture for efficient and affordable edge AI, showcasing how innovative applications can harness the capabilities of TinyML (Tiny Machine Learning) + LLaVA (Local Language Model-based Video Analytics) for real-time decision-making in resource-constrained environments.

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Additionally, Seeed Studio presented the comprehensive “Hazard Response Mission Pack,” a suite of smart sensors designed to enhance disaster preparedness and response efforts. The Hazard Response Mission Pack consists of different cornerstones including the SenseCAP LoRaWAN gateway, SenseCAP S210X Sensors, Wio Tracker 1110, reComputer J3010, SenseCAP T1000 LoRaWAN Trackers, SenseCAP Indicator and several Grove Sensors. These devices work together to provide a robust yet flexible system for real-time data collection, analysis, and response, enabling efficient management and mitigation of hazard situations.

ICTP-UNU Workshop on TinyML for Sustainable Development

Beyond the main sessions, the UNU Macau AI Conference 2024 featured a series of Side Events, including the highly anticipated ICTP-UNU Workshop on TinyML for Sustainable Development. Co-organized by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), UNU Macau, and Seeed Studio, this workshop offered a deep dive into the applications of TinyML, with a specific focus on areas relevant to researchers. Attendees had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Seeed’s commercially available hardware, such as the Grove Vision AI V2 Kit and XIAO ESP32S3 Sense, designed for TinyML applications. Through practical exercises and training sessions, participants learned to implement TinyML algorithms on these devices, exploring their potential for addressing real-world challenges.

As we reflect on the insights gained and connections made at the conference, it is evident that collaboration and innovation are essential for unlocking the full potential of AI in building a more sustainable and inclusive future. Seeed Studio looks forward to continuing its journey of innovation and partnership, driving positive change through AI-powered solutions.

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